Yes I’m fussy but better than you

Everyone has a different definition and quotient of hygiene as an individual,agreed.But having agreed upon this I’m sure there are basic hygiene habits which everyone MUST know of and exercise daily.

I’ve come across people who don’t think that washing their hands with soap is important be it after coming home from outside,or before eating the meals or even after using the loo. Yes,I’ve come across such souls and it sucks to even think that you would be in their home,eating what they cooked et al !

Also, there are people who would not want to clean their house on purpose-reason being they’re tired and are no enthusiasts to do such chores-better option is it to let the house be on it’s own and chillax ! And by cleaning I mean simple cleaning like changing the bed sheets regularly-at least monthly if not fortnightly …but these types would not mind sleeping on the same bed sheet for say around 2-3 months ! Sigh !!! If this is the case what do you think about dusting the house?? No brownie points there folks..these people don’t even want to disturb the dust !!! They’re so generous,yeah right,huh !

Another types are the ones who would not rinse their mouths more than once a day-meaning just once in the morning they’ll brush their teeth and shall repeat this exercise exactly the next day morning ! Yes go on say eeks and all that…I’ve done that too on knowing and seeing people do this!!!

I’m astonished to see people who just don’t believe in self wellness. How could they just let their own body rot like this? Moreover, what are they going to teach their children? Sorry to say this but I doubt what their parents taught them in childhood…. did they taught anything or no?

As far as I’m concerned sometimes I’m rated as extreme case [read: gone case] of cleanliness and perfection in everything. Okay agreed that this habit of mine not only makes my life miserable at times [as per others!] but also of those who live with me. A small incident to share here- When I lived in hostel, in 2 years of that life I had 4 room-mates. No, not because their term ended and they left the hostel but because they found me very fussy about keeping the room clean and such things and hence requested a change of room 😛 Okay I know that’s not funny but it’s at least better than the examples that I gave above…

It’s always better to be fussy and make others stay clean than remain unclean and let others overrule your otherwise clean room/house and turn it into as if hurricane just it !

In my house and my life everything has to be perfect-perfectly cleaned,perfectly placed and perfectly handled. Initially my MIL did find it a bit irritating and difficult to adjust to my habit but now she has fallen into the line 😉 But hey the best part in my system is that I don’t expect people to arrange things and such that…I like things to be done my way and by me ONLY. Yes,again it’s a bit strenuous for me but that’s the way I’m.So, because of this at least others have a sigh of relief that they don’t have to run around to clean the house every now and then 🙂

But any way case in point here is not me but the people I’ve come across who compromise their hygiene in the name of laziness,saving water,feeling at home in unkempt house.. I pity them,the ones who live with them and their next generations !

What about you? Have you come across such souls in life ? Are you fussy or an easy going home-maker ?


27 thoughts on “Yes I’m fussy but better than you

  1. I’ve met someone like that — and it’s me 😀

    Of course, i do wash my hands with soap before eating, after loo-ing and all, but i guess i’m guilty of most other crimes you’ve mentioned 😀 and i’m VERY hygienic abt food and cooking. the kitchen is one DAMN NEAT place in my home 😀

    and my mom’s EXACTLY like you. she taught us (me and my brother) all about being neat n tidy and clean, but somehow, it never registered. we used to be a bit more neater while we stayed with her. Now, everytime she sees my house she’s like “yu never learnt anything i taught you! what will people think? that i was a bad mom who didnt teach you anything…” 😀

    1. Ditto Scorps. Every line!
      Especially the last part. My mom tried her best to instill a sense of responsibility in me but it never registered because I am a different person than her.

      Scribby, my mom is a cleanliness freak and tried her best with me. In your post, you say you wonder if such parents taught their children anything. If you continue blaming my mom for my habits, I suppose Chirpy will turn out in a way in which she will make you eat humble pie 😛

      1. ROFL Pepper!
        There are 2 rooms in my house that is clean- bathroom and the kitchen. The other rooms can go take a hike, I have better things to do than worry about how clean or organised they are. I guess that’s how some people are.
        And I also don’t believe that we are the products of our parents’ teachings, we are only products of our own learning.
        So there, while my parents’ house is spotless, mine isn’t. But to my credit, I made it so when Amma was visiting so that she feels at home.

      2. peps I wrote about two types of hygiene here…and by saying that what parents taught their kids I was directing to the people who don’t have personal hygiene concepts clear in their heads….I have used the term self wellness there…I’m sure majority of us believe into self wellness and would take care of self like by washing hands,brushing teeth and changing the sheets…ya? 🙂

  2. I am very very easy going, when it comes to home 😀 though I am finicky about personal hygiene, mine and of people around me! And perhaps the only thing I cant stand is unwashed utensils, open cupboards, and clothes on the floor, and mess after cooking. That perhaps is the only mess which crosses my tolerance line 😀
    And yes, I do find very finicky people very annoying, but ONLY if they interfere with me by commenting! Otherwise, they are always welcome to help me clean my place as well 😉

  3. Hey this looks like my story, Initially R found it very tough to deal with extreme cleanliness, but now even he can’t stand. I got this habit as early as 8-10years. At times I feel I am crazy but I am glad that there are people like me. I can stop eating food and clean for hours..I get all energy when it comes to cleaning.

  4. Used to be finicky. So too much anymore. Living with husband and kids has made me more tolerant. I also like to let kids create a mess (play in soil etc.) so extra finikiness will drive me crazy. Washing hands after loo – YES. Washing hands after coming in from outside – not necessary. Yeah, go on. You can say Iyeks 🙂

    1. people around me keep telling me this that with a kid in the house now I would have to let go of certain things..let’s see how changed person I’m after few years down the line 🙂

  5. do we .. aingggg do we need ot wash our hands , I thought they are always clean you jsut got to wipe them off on your jeans and JOB DONE.. and whast this Rinse your mouth But why .. you eat good food clean food .. so whats the need to brush all the time …

    and saving water is important.. Very important think of the bigger picture 🙂

    oooops I bet by now you are ready to kill me so i shud stop he he he … I have studied all along in a hostel where I musr say cleanliness was not a priority all the time .. but I am pretty clean … though i like to muck myself with hands on and being a sporty person i have done all sorts of things played in mud and what not etc etc …

    But I am quiet clean and do .. do stuff twice or thrice a day .. not as cleanliness freak as you 🙂 he he he but I do wash hands with DETTOL 🙂 he he he he

    1. what ??? Don’t you love teeth ? Don’t you think after eating food we need to rinse mouth to stay put the teeth clean and free of germs ? 😯

      all I always think is important is personal hygiene !!

  6. I was a cleanliness freak till I started working. Things got very stressful once I came home tired and irritated with no energy after working 10 hours a day and deal with cooking, cleaning and all that. I had to let something go the house was the first thing to. The kitchen is clean and the bathroom is clean. The sheets get washed every so often and the rest can take a hike.
    The weekend cleaning that I did religiously went for a toss as well after Buzz was born. Things are not in their place but I rather spend as much time as I can with her than stress about putting all her toys away all the time and be screaming at her to do the same.
    I have learned to happy with basic level of cleanliness and live with the rest. A happy me, keeps everyone around the family happy. And I am OK with that.

  7. I am a cleanliness freak – but not a tidiness one 😦 I mean, I clean like crazy, but I also leave things messy – and that drives me crazy – mad combination, I tell you 🙂 I will vaccum and then the whole room will be a mess because I would have pulled the sofas around to vaccuum under them, the chairs will be all messy- and somehow, I manage to make it messy even while cleaning 😦

  8. My roommate in engineering had an OCD over cleanliness… After seeing his room you couldn’t believe its a bachelor guys room… As a matter of fact he also infected me a bit with his cleanliness bug 🙂

  9. chirpy will turn your world upside down. I do have a bit of ocd about cleanliness but not to that extreme. it depends on time and energy.

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