Me no likey :(

Has anyone noticed the change in ‘times life’ supplement? There used to be column called ‘Soul Curry‘ which is now replaced by ‘Diary of a single girl‘.

I’ve read two stories so far and I don’t like them at all. I mean no way ! It’s just not comparable with the earlier column.

Actually there is a blog by some Sonya on TOI’s website and the articles are published every Sunday from the blog. This weeks article is named I saw him stark naked . Go check and I insist read the comments on the article too !!!!

I think they should get back to ‘Soul Curry’ or at least bring on something else but no ‘diary of a single girl’…I’m sure if any of you have already read the column must be agreeing to me,no?

I mean I don’t know what I’m not liking in this series in particular but in general the way of expressions,words used,situations spelt  are just not clicking with me considering I’m reading a Sunday National Newspaper..and no before you get me wrong I would not want to read such stuff off the national media too.I feel something like this is better on the blog only and should not creep into the newspaper-which is for each and everyone. Those who want to read such stuff can get glued to their computers and rest can relax,sip their hot cuppa coffee and read in something worth on a Sunday morning,what say?


24 thoughts on “Me no likey :(

  1. TOI well i use to read the newspaper but have stopped it now altogether the online version.. ITs full of ads and each time you click something the BHARAT MATRIMONY ads come up, and for each click one page.. so by the end I have 20+ popups of ads on my desktop…

    But i like the paper version pity it doesnot come here , when i was in india it was like first thing get up, pick paper and then the rest starts ..


  2. What I am basically not comfortable with is that “single girls” are kind of portrayed loose (in the absence of right word – basically meant that they are only sex on mind types) in this blog. 20 something, independent girl. I know so many of them. They are more like work hard, party hard, but also devote time learning new stuff, giving time to NGOs. Just living it up.
    The portrayal is just so worng. And it says “diary of single girl”. It is stereotyping all young single girls.

  3. I used to read TOI online everyday – when we first came her e- now sadly, it has all stopped 😦

    Will check out this single girls’s story soon! and will then come back with my opinion 🙂

  4. How sleazy! Glad I stopped reading TOI ages back. And more glad that I discovered my idea of a “news”paper was nowhere close to what TOI had to offer. I was at a friend’s place last Sunday killing time and I did not even feel the urge to lift the Sunday Times lying right in front of me. I stared at the walls instead. I find it THAT crappy. 😐

  5. i agree with u and keep wondering why are they publishing such average writing, inane thoughts…is this really modern India. I also feel in the last year or so the sunday supplement and the Sunday news paper has lost their charm…become very average

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