Dear Chirpy-Conversations

>We were taking our regular afternoon nap.You silently woke up but I could sense that and I opened my eyes but didn’t make a move noticing that you’re still into a ‘I-want-to-sleep-some-more’ mood. So I decided to watch you instead.

You looked around for a while at all your favourite spots in the room and then what went into your mind I don’t know but you started looking at me. Staring that is. I thought I would now talk to you but before I could do that your palm rested on my face. You started touching my cheeks…then moved on to the nose and then eyes..back to the cheeks..and then you smiled your tiny smiles [that is not the fuller one] and stared at my face…as if you were thinking something.

What was going into your little brain I’ve no clue but this is what I felt:

You were trying to feel me..your touch spelt that. You were trying to trace your mother’s features..her were trying to love me like I do ,when you’re wailing too hard, by touching your cheeks and telling you that aai is here so you need not fear my dear…you were simply wanting to be close to me.

>We keep telling you some or the other random stories when we are taking those long drives or while trying to put you to sleep or generally when you’re in your playful-talkative mood. Recently,while I was telling you a story where in you’re playing and the Lion uncle gets disturbed and tells you to go away and play somewhere else..and you politely agree and move on to some other place. You started crying the very moment. This is what I felt went into your tiny brain that moment:

You didn’t like the idea of Β moving on to some other place since the moment I changed the scenario to ‘Lion Uncle also joins you to play and you all are having fun..’ you not only stopped crying but you gave your approval by that loud gurgle !!

Chirpy,there are so many things that you talk to us these days but there isn’t a single word that gets registered in our adult brains. We’re incapable of knowing what exactly you’re saying but we try. We try to understand what’s going on in your mind and what are you trying to tell us. We might be wrong in guessing it correctly but that does not stop us from attempting and holding aΒ conversationΒ with you πŸ™‚




27 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-Conversations

  1. Chirpy baby…I can’t wait for you to start talking so you can tell your Aai and Daddy how right or wrong they are about your thoughts πŸ™‚ It should be fun!

  2. Chirpy sweetheart, you are so going to toss all your Aai’s ideas of what you think when you start speaking are you not? Only then will Aai understand the sheer brilliance that is you. πŸ˜€

    Loved every word here Sribby. May you have many many of these πŸ™‚

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