I’m waiting eagerly

I’ve always loved you and you’re one thing that I don’t object on being shared [or I can’t object ;)]. Right from my childhood I’ve waited for you and when you come you’ve always met a super excited me…even today I feel that childish excitement on mention of you…you’re just one but you’re so important for all…love for your is universal…phenomenal 🙂

Somehow with your arrival comes in the lovely memories of my stay in Mumbai. I miss living there and your arrival especially makes me want to go the city of love, lights and sea. This is the perfect time to be at Marine Drive…this is a perfect time cruise around in town area of Mumbai…this is the perfect time to cosily sit in your balcony and read,think,reminisce or just be !

But nevertheless the best part is I can enjoy you sitting here..far away from Mumbai. I can get drenched in your love and let it seep in me deep inside. I can feel you simply by lying on my terrace and gazing directly in your eyes. I can feel your touch just by being in my garden and enjoying every drop of your love….you’re omnipresent !

Dear Rains, I was waiting for you since last week and now that you’ve made your presence felt by a little drizzle I wait with both my arms open..so come with a bash and come fast..I’m waiting to get drenched yet again !! I’m waiting to take those ‘rainy walks’ with H…I’m waiting to sit by the balcony and tell Chirpy about you…I’m waiting !!

Yours Truly,

Scribby !

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26 thoughts on “I’m waiting eagerly

  1. I love rain too. But you know that already, don;t you? 😀 I got drenched last week 😀

    Here’s wishing it rains a lot at your end so you can get drenched all you want, take all those walks and tell Chirpy rain tales and make her fall in love with every raindrop also 🙂

  2. Love love the rain!! Sigh!! it brings back memories of pakodas, hot chai, ice cream and warm blankets and coffee mugs 🙂

    here, the rain is icy cold! and not that much fun… 🙂
    but its still beautiful and amazing 🙂

  3. I love love rains… And for the last so many years I’ve been out of Kerala, I’ve come home during the monsoons to just enjoy the season… rarely have I missed it, or want to miss it in the future… sad, I have to feel in a few days, but it’s raining on campus too.. so from rains to another rains 🙂 happy me 🙂

  4. Ah rain! Heavenly rain! There’s something so blissful about it all. The sky opens up and water droplets fall to earth, sometimes slowly and sometimes furiously. I can watch forever.. 🙂

  5. Not a fan of the rains…never have been. And when I left Sydney it was pouring there and then second day in Bombay it started to rain…you are more than welcome to come to Bombay again where it has been raining almost every day in the past week… 🙂

    1. Same here..if you’ve noticed I’ve mentioned enjoying rains in my choice of place that is terrace,garden or a balcony

      When I’m on the road,especially going to work or elsewhere…I so want it to stop raining !

  6. Yet another beautiful post. I am not great fan of rain, may be coz I was grown with lot of rainy days. And the current part of world that I am in rains almost 9months. So you see my point 🙂

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