I’m sure I want to step out

Having a baby changes your life and most of the part it is for good. Those baby cooing,gurgles and toothless grins are all rewards for that every minute that you’ve spent creating the tiny human being inside you. And this is not all..there is more to look forward to when the baby reaches it’s milestones and your report card gets more +ve grades.You feel proud for yourself and happy for that tiny baby who is happy being dependant on you and enjoys your touch,voice and company-You’re her certified clown,friend,mother and provider of everything ! So there…

But having said that motherhood in general brings in a lot more other things too which generally we tend to ignore / sideline / never mention or try to forget or keep aside. Like every thing else there are cons attached to this event of your life too.

When I was carrying Chirpy I was very sure that I will get back to work once she is moderately big / grown up and will be able to be by herself [read:without mommy] ..the thought nestled in my mind comfortably and I was happy that I had taken a decision well in advance and that there is no stopping me from any corner of the family. Great!

Having reached this phase where Chirpy is 2 month young [already? :shock:] now and she is still in her wonderland phase where she just eats,pees and poops and sometimes cries the thought of getting back to work has started showing it’s face in my mind. Yes, I was pre-decided but I never thought that I would think about it this early.

But the question is what is early? And if this is early then what is cut off period when a mother should / could leave a child behind and go to work? I know there is no such thing as a cut off period or so. It’s solely an individual’s choice depending upon the circumstances one is in.

I enjoy all the time that I spend with Chirpy at home right now but ultimately there is more to me as person than just being a mother to a baby. Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter and am totally in love with this new phase of my life but as I said there is a gadget in my body which requires constant fodder and some jiggle to do every now and then rather let it be at one place,unattended and locked- that is my brain dear people..my brain requires functioning big time and by that I mean being on my toes and working-some work which lets me remain sane and lets me be in touch with the inner me.

I certainly need to work or else I’ll lose myself somewhere in this drill of life which also means that I might as well turn insane. I can’t let my brain sit,relax and rust !

I’m on a look out for a job and just by the mention of it I’ve started receiving the flak from the family and relatives. You know how it is, don’t you? But as long as H is on my side I don’t have to give a damn to anyone ! I don’t understand why can’t people just let others be? Why do they have to poke their noses in everything that the other person is doing? Why? Well this reminds me of a recent incident that took place…but for that another post..yes this means another rant coming up your way ! 😉

Any way, I don’t know when is the right time but I think when the couple is ready and the baby is comfortable to be on her own AND  you have helping hand at home [which is very important] I think that’s the time the mother can step out for few hours of assignment if not a full time working job. I really wish I land up in something which I heart and would go with our timeline and arrangements ! Pray for me,will you not ?


38 thoughts on “I’m sure I want to step out

  1. Nu , you are the best judge for that. no one needs to dictate you .. when you are comfortable and you know the baby is happy.

    and also you and hubby dear … wht others think should not bother you at all.. whatever you do someone will have a problem always … Nothing new you cna wiat till Chirpy is 4 years old 10 years old they will still have a problem …

    End of the day its YOU-Hubby and Chirpy 🙂 rest take a back seat .. you know your home best and you know you child best no one else ..

  2. Of course you know your baby well than anyone else . You know when you are ready and when Chirpy is ready. So don”t worry. May what ever decision you make gives you happiness and peace.

    Will surely keep you in my prayers 🙂

  3. Oh my, Chirpy is 2 months already??!! 😯 Time surely flies!!! Hugs and kisses to the princess!!! 🙂

    Do what your heart says, Nu! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So, chill! 🙂

  4. 😀 Nu, we already had a chat about this, but honestly, I think it is really cool that you are so clear about what you want from life, or what you want to do. It’s been said a lot of times, and I repeat, people find fault with others, irrespective of what the decision is.
    It’s all upto you and H and Chirpy 🙂 I am sure she will be proud of her mommy and her decisions! and all the very best!

    1. Yeah DI we did talk on this but you know how it is..people around do make it difficult for you sometimes and spaces like this blog helps to take out the vent 😉 seeing that you all are positively on my side wishing me luck is something 🙂

      Hugs to you too DI 🙂

  5. You and H are the best judges… you know better than anyone else what to do!
    All the best for the job hunt.. I know what you mean – sitting around will rust my brain too!
    And even now, when I’m without a job, I make sure I’m doing something, going some place… 😀
    I keep myself occupied and my brain has intelligent fodder to digest! 😉

    hugs Nu!! all the very best 🙂

  6. like u said – just because you want to work doesn’t mean you lvoe Chirpy less than others who dont…It’s all upto u & H and whatever rocks ur boat 🙂

    Btw i did message u about some work – u never responded 🙂

  7. Chirpy baby is 2 mths old..awwwwww…this phase is just so cute right

    Btw i totally second your view.. my mother is just like you and had to go through the same but she made it and see i am a happy child too 😀

    1. yeah Chirpy is 2 months young 🙂 no doubt this phase is like cutest for us parents..especially listening to the baby gurgles and cooing sounds 🙂

      I’m glad you’re proud of your mother and that she made you what you are today-a happy girl 🙂

  8. I started working when Chucky was 2 months, if that makes u feel better. and I must say it was a great relief, I wasn’t enjoying the days I was at home. I started enjoying motherhood more when I started working, you see I get to miss her, then we meet and so on..I would say you are the best judge for your career and Chirpy. If H is supporting its good. Don’t listen to anyone else, you guys made Chirpy and you know what best for her..Good luck..

  9. Hey I am a working mom too. I was always sure that I would get back to working and did after both my kids. Who BTW are still quite young (4 and 1 yrs). Personally, I think one should stay at home for 6 mo if you are exclusively breast feeding. Else, pumping etc is too hard. Then when the baby starts on solids, you can probably leave for 4 hours (feed and leave, baby has 1 meal in between, come back and feed again). As the solids progress it becomes easier and you start weaning off. In 1 year time, you can get back to full 8 hrs job.
    Babies sleep for about 4 hrs during the day (at least mine does). So technically you are away only for 4 hrs wake time. I try to be home after the kids wake up from afternoon nap so that I can spend the whole evening with them. I think I am a better (read patient) mom when I have some time away from the kids.

  10. I can so relate to this. This is one thing that has been bugging me too about my future – I know I want to work. Or do something intellectual. I am not cut out to be at home. I NEED to do something with my life, or I will go insane. That said, I know it is easier said than done after a baby.

    Hugs and prayers! 🙂

    1. Hey so does that mean you have a baby or on way to pop out one? pardon me but I don’t know hence asking 🙂

      Thanks for these hugs..these are welcome any time 🙂

  11. LOL
    Neither. We neither have a baby yet nor are we gonna pop out one soon. I’ve been thinking about the future after we do have one. My feelings, in that case, quite echo yours. 🙂
    No offense taken.

  12. You know what you want the best. So don’t listen to others. I am the same way. I have a 12 week son and I love him to pieces but at the same time I want to do my own thing, get out for some time during the day and give the brain some fodder. Amen to that!

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