She and Him-Hope

Something has happened…Some change has taken place.

New beginnings are vaguely visible and new hopes are being built.

I can see you smile through this and there are no traces of guilt…

But there is still a long long way to go before we reach upto the hilt…

I know you’re going to be there with me and hold my hand to never leave it

We’re going to do this I’ve no fears to commit !!


26 thoughts on “She and Him-Hope

  1. OMG… am late… am late… am late …!! Such a big good news and am late 😦
    Anyway..better late than never..kyun 😉

    Congratulations to you Scribby!! 🙂 Motherhood is special, and here’s wishing you a journey that’s full of brightness, happiness and unconditional love in your life!!!

    Huggggggggggggggs 🙂

  2. now what are u starting out on??? please dont tell us 5 weeks before it happens…yes yes i am still on that tangent. this morning is all about u not telling 😛

    p.s nice though!

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