From new parents to old

I remember the time when you rocked me and sung the songs to me..I was adamant that you only put me to sleep by singing me my favorites songs…they still linger in my memory-crystal clear….I grew up listening to your stories,some cooked up and some real,so funny yet with a lesson to learn..I grew up looking at you and admiring you every day.You taught me to be strong and to stand for myself. I miss being your little girl,dad !

I looked forward to talking to you when I came back from school..sharing every bit that happened in the day..oh I do that even today….You taught me to be the woman I’m today. You were always there with me when I helped me to stand up and try were epitome of love and care and you instilled in me the same….I miss being your little girl,mom !

Today,when I have my own daughter,I can feel my childhood return to me but in a different way-giving me a sense of pleasure and letting me relive the moments I enjoyed with you guys! Today,I see myself in your place and realize by each passing day,how much patience, perseverance and abundant love you carry within you. When I sing the same  ‘Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle ka nata koi…”  to my daughter,she looks at me with a smile & tugs at my chest firmly-let’s me feel that not only both of us are connected to each other but somewhere she is connected to you guys too [even if you are not around her]

Today,I know what it means to be  a parent and have your heart walk out of your body.I know what it means by the bond being shared through the generations.I know,once again, what I mean to you !

I hope that when my daughter grows up she feels proud of me the way I feel of you. I hope that I’m able to pass on the right lessons to her and make her a stronger person who can be fair in judgement and is able to tell right from wrong.I hope she becomes someone in whom you can see a part of you.I hope I’m able to follow your steps in bringing up my child-to make her a good human being above everything else-grounded and self sufficient !

I'll be there to hold you today and always-a mother's promise !


20 thoughts on “From new parents to old

  1. Whenever I read all you mommy’s blogs, I can’t wait to have my own 😦
    Beautiful song and beautiful post…am sure your lil angel is going to grow up and be very proud 🙂

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