Scribby is happy

because she

  • shopped for chirpy and brought back not a single pink but other bubbly colors
  • had a lovely romantic dinner date with the hubby-the much awaited break
  • is back to reading and this time she has picked up ‘The thousand splendid suns’
  • has lost some weight though ‘some’ is nearly negligible,but hey so what !!!!
  • sipped her hot cuppa coffee sitting in her balcony enjoying the first pour,finally rains arrive
  • won four scrabble games in a row and made 2 bingo in the current one,yay!!!
  • made calls to the people on to-call list AND one is yet to call know who you are,don’t you? :mrgreen:
  • changed her blog theme,name and blog profile picture-the one thing I love to do the most 😉
  • bought Organic India’s ‘tulsi and ginger’ tea, yippee !
  • is slowly getting back to ‘confidently’ driving-confidence which is shaken without reasons,sigh!
  • has started some new blogs and totally loving the additional flavor to the current taste 🙂
  • cooked H’s favorite ‘daal palak’ and this time again it tasted ‘wow’ [yes H did confirm that,silly! 👿 ]
  • had a heart to heart conversation with H after a long time without interruption for 2 hours 🙂
  • listened to one of her favorites- ‘Mumma’ from the movie Dasvidanya
  • looked at freshly bathed blue skies
Oh I did bullet-ted post after a long time I guess 🙂 Even bullets feel good,don’t they?

31 thoughts on “Scribby is happy

  1. 2 Hr convo with H? How did you manage that? I’ve not been able to do one in the last 4 years!
    Life is made up of simple pleasures, ain’t it? 🙂

  2. I know i am a bloke but i know its a good feeeling buying clothes for kids, i was visiting my sis and i had ot go an buy some clothes for kids her baby dauhter … it felt good and these days there are so many choices , i baught a few pink-yello dresses ..

    hmm calls to people on call list .. I did not get it 😦


    good to see you happy keep smilingggggggggggggggggggg

  3. :grrrr hw cn u even say u completed the to-do list when u dint call me! Scribby lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even after all those false promises on FB so many times, for the world to see!

    I refuse to comment on the other bullets :grrrrrrrrrrr and me katti with u!

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