SlutWalk:It’s not only about freedom to wear what you want to,it’s more than that


This is being written with no intention to argue/agree/disagree/counter anyone’s thoughts but with an intention of putting up my understanding / cloud of thoughts formed after reading this and this.

I’m attaching a video from the movie ‘Raja Hindustani’ here.

The scene is somewhat [starting from 4 secs to 5 mins] on the lines of today’s much talked and written about ‘SlutWalk’. The actress wears a pretty short dress and walks out boldly in the market. As is obvious,in movies, the guys loitering around pass tacky comments on the actress and her dress. But,only unlike real life,the hero of the film jumps in and fight those notorious boys all alone and saves the actress from being harassed further.

This is an example of what happens when a girl wears something which shows her skin. Especially,where wearing modern dress is not at all common-read:small towns or villages or remote localities where wearing such dresses is not a regular thing unlike uptown. These men are bound to get aroused to make such comments [and commit the ‘wrong’].

Now what do I want to say here? I want to say that men are made with this kind of working system-half naked/much skin show excites them and that’s because of their biology. But the men who don’t stop there,and take a step beyond getting excited,certainly are crossing the lines assuming that the girl is inviting ‘sex’ by wearing such dress and that they have all the rights in the world to do what comes to their minds-even if that means raping someone !***********************************************************************************************

Okay let’s change our angle a bit :

Lingerie is more or less=minimal clothing. It is used to seduce partners and look sexy.Women who are getting married are taught / advised to buy ‘nice’ lingerie for their first night/honeymoon and all that stuff. Now the women who would want to come froward and say that it’s designed for their comfort-that is wearing minimal clothes while sleeping and not only for seduction then these women might as well agree upon sleeping in a camisole and that’s all-it still feels comfortable,no? Honestly,please raise your hand if you’ve bought the lingerie only for the sake of comfort sleeping?
The point I’m trying to make is minimal clothing and half naked bodies entice human brain-well it has been designed in that manner-which we all are aware of! Only when it is used by a female to seduce her partner by all her will and the partner reacts in the manner the woman want him to-it’s acceptable. And when she doesn’t want the man to react in the similar manner -that is when she is not wearing the short and modern dresses for seduction-and if he still does-it’s crime?
Which means whether to feel ‘that’ way or not is under woman’s control. She will decide whether or not a man should feel excited on looking at her skin..her body? 
Quoting Chandni here. She says that Women are people. Not things that you can lock up in a safety vault never to be seen again. And here, if the house means my body, well, I can’t leave the vagina or the breasts behind when I step out, can I?
Precisely my point. Of course,women are people and hence they attract attention.When you are carrying your vagina and breasts with you-you’re responsible for them…you are the care taker! So there…
Let’ change our view even more:
Women who are ‘appropriately’ dressed [read:according to the general society standards that is fully clothed or not showing much of  their skin] are also raped!!!!! It explains well that clothing is not a necessary protection from being raped. Even by head to toe clothed women can be a victim. So this speaks of mentality of men in general-the sickness they carry in their mind till they go to their grave.
Consider this:
Why is that a man wearing only his ganji and shorts can sit around with the entire family whereas you’ve never seen a woman of the house sitting around in her undergarments. That’s how we function,right?
A man has nothing much to show or better put nothing much to hide. If a man is found stark naked or even the one who is exposing his genitals is reported obscene and abusive but on the other hand a women in the same situation is met with curious eyes and groping men. In both the situation people react but the only difference in these situations is a women is raped and man is not ! Women on seeing a man naked don’t [necessarily] feel like jumping onto him and have sex with him whereas the men,on seeing a naked/semi naked women, feel invited for sex. There is a difference between male and female brains and how it works !
if you wear off-shoulder-tugging at your body-upper thigh length dress OR [a man] only in shorts goes to a funeral-is sure to invite people’s raised eyebrows,disgusting looks and shake of heads,right? Wearing clothes according to the place and situation matters.
Having said all this I’m still not blaming either gender here.I’m not for or against ‘provocative’ clothes cause the definition is not standard but it’s individual-what might look provocative to you could be a dear decent dress to me,right?. I’m just trying to see things from all perspectives and this is the crux of what I feel:
  • Clothing doesn’t guarantee safety for women all across
  • Wearing any kind of dress does not always mean freedom.
  • Men are made with those acting hormones to feel all sexed up on seeing half naked or skin-show dresses.
  • By wearing modern dress or something different from usual,a woman doesn’t mean to carry an invisible invitation board of sex.
  • Appropriate dressing,in my view,is much to do with the occasion.
  • Men and women are made differently and they function differently in every aspect-by default.
Clothing is not the only problem / reason why women get raped.Several circumstances are responsible for this ungodly event to take place like mental sickness [depression/too much frustration],poverty,unemployment,un-healthy relationship,on being encouraged and challenged by friends, animosity,being too much drunk,just-to-have-fun attitude,being in power and carefree,not respecting human beings in general et al.
The problem lies much deeper and we need to aim to eradicate this problem and not get stuck at the surface level.

23 thoughts on “SlutWalk:It’s not only about freedom to wear what you want to,it’s more than that

  1. Whoa!!! 😯
    What a post Nu! 🙂
    Way to go girl for spilling your guts!

    It depends on how a person is sick in his/her mind while viewing and/or wearing.
    While I’m not against ladies wearing skimpy clothes, there are some females who deliberately expose way too much just to gain attention and I just know a couple of them.

    Both the genders gotta be blamed, or may be it’s no one’s fault. I mean to err is human, na? 😉

  2. i like the way u have looked at it from different angles..and i agree with most of it…it is something so delicate and i support the slutwalk, though i agree tat clothing should be according to the occasion..
    i agree men are biologically programmed to respond in a particular way when they see a semi naked lady…but yes, they do have to learn to stay within the “line”….

  3. I am against SLUTWALK concept! Its not the cultural difference that makes me say so but the fact that when a women doesnt want menfolk to walk around in just the underwear and show faces and say UGHHHH…so do the menfolk have the right to comment on the women skimpily clad…You cant be one sided! Esp in a society of ours.! SMALL CLOTHES ARE NOT THE ONLY REASON FOR RAPE…true! But prevention is better thn cure!

  4. I know what you are saying.. I agree on so many levels.
    I loved your post.. I need to write my post on this too…

    Oh and I dress in jammies and sleep – no provocative dressing while sleeping – its comfort beyond anything else! 😀

  5. I feel very strongly about this- people ought to get real and stop making issues out of clothes we wear. There are plenty of real world problems. It is wrong to make women stop wearing what they want- be it burkha or a micro mini. It is none of anuybody’s business.

    Go world, get real. Molesting, murder, crime has nothing to do with shallow excuses. It is a deeper problem.

  6. I totally agree to each and every word…. Loved the way you have put the whole picture without any bias…. An absolutely neutral and correct picture… It really is beyond clothing… It has many more serious reasons attached to it….

  7. I hate it when some people say.. “the kind of clothes she was wearing..she led him to tease her” 😐
    What the hell, really!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hmm. Thought provoking. I guess the whole point of slut walk is that no matter how the woman is dressed, men cannot go ahead and sexually harass her. And if they do, the blame rests on their shoulders and not on women’s. But yes of course, everyone including women should be appropriately dressed. Would you like it if a man walks into a office meeting wearing gangee and shorts?

  9. I completely agree with you, It is said that one should dress like the job one want and not the one they have…But there is more to just dressing, no matter what, rape is not justified and no one should question and blame victim’s character..

  10. Very well put Scribby!!
    Indeed, clothing guarantees no safety.
    It is the mindset of the men that needs to be changed, but then who exactly stops or even attempts to stop a man urinating on the road? Who goes ahead and reports flashers? Who makes the first move to stop a gang of eve-teasers?
    There is LOT of work that should go in bringing about a change, starting with teaching little boys about keeping their private parts to themselves and also teaching them some manners. But then again, with a majority of population below poverty line AND uneducated, leaves us with very little hope of better things in the near future 😦

  11. Clothing guarantees safety….atleast to some extent. lets not run away form reality…men are visual (though not an excuse )…clothing has a part in rape cases . a man who has been provoked sexually say by the way a lady has dressed herself whom they cannot approach….how can they if they saw her boarding a bus…..may fulfil their desire on a well dressed lady…because to them their mind has registered that other lady but they can manage to fulfil that desire on this one. By this statemet Men are not justified for this devilish act but it does give a lady…..atleast who cares for her body and ofcourse others’ to better be be proactive…..prevention is better than cure. Men should use their sound judgement even when looking at how ladies have dressed up……..the only way to show that you are strong is to show that you can control your mind.

  12. I agree – clothes do not guarantee safety. Rape or no rape largely depends on the sickness in the mind of the man. That said, I also believe that you need to dress according to the occasion.

    Have been seeing posts on the Slut Walk on different blogs, but haven’t read anything in detail. Will be back to comment here after I gather a fair bit of information on what it is. Any suggested links for me to read up on the concept?

  13. There are always problems when people do things the way they want, consider for example driving…..yes it is your car but you cannot drive the way you like otherwise you risk your life or the life of others…..another example is food or drink ….yes its your body, you can drink or eat what you want, the way you want…the reality will come out. its either the food/drink you eat/drink will make you healthy and strong or will deteriorate your health or even lead to death (sorry I am not pronouncing death sentences here). Let us be careful with what we do to what we call “OUR BODIES” including clothing…….the reality always comes out……the “Girl Next Door” pointed out that the problem is the “sickness” in the mind of the man. Every sickness has its cause. could it be that the less careless the lady dresses, the more the sickness will progress or even develop in apparently health man?……Let me borrow the terminology that Bikram used…..Precaution is better than cure….so if the sickness in the man cannot be cured, why not take precaution by guarding they way you clothe yourself up….Yes it is my body, it is your body but think of the example of driving a car given above……Let me ask a question and someone should answer me….Why is that some adverts use sexually suggestive pictures of women and not of men? or may be my observation is not correct?

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