I need freedom

I need breathers..I need space to live freely..freedom for me isn’t going against the law,the people. But for me it is to be able to

  • breathe in fresh air-freely
  • get in touch with nature
  • talk to the plants and the butterfly which is rare these days
  • sip my tea in silence and listen to the unspoken words
  • read non stop in the company of pitter patter rain drops
  • looking at sunrise..the change in colors..the orange and yellows and reds
I need breathers..
I needs space..of my own..
to remain sane.
I miss daddy who used to sing me a song which talks about exactly what I look for in life..may be daddy taught me to dream…dream for things which you don’t always get in reality…and he thought his princess would get it all! No daddy,not yet ! I’m still searching for that place in life where I can say firmly-I’ve all the breathers !

25 thoughts on “I need freedom

  1. Well WE dream so we can fulfill them , if we dont dream WHAT are we going to fulfill…

    Take care and all the best … come over to uk I am going to london you can come 🙂

  2. So true. Freedom is not just going against the law or the society. It is being able to do all that you want to. Without hindrance, without disturbance.
    I am so with you on all of this. I need all of what you have mentioned in your post from time to time, in order to stay sane.
    BTW I could guess what the song was even before I clicked on the link. 🙂 I could feel it from your post.

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