Dear Chirpy-The 1st trimester is over

we’ve moved from…

  • guessing reasons to knowing exactly what is bothering you
  • from fearing to hold you to confidently pick you up
  • crying buckets on every tear that you shed to soothing you first and then think about what we have gone through
  • being finicky adults to calmed down parents
like you’ve moved from….
  • routine-less sleep to patterned sleep
  • from being cranky to flashing that toothless grin every now and then
  • being skeptic about people around you to being sure that these faces are your own ..your parents’.
  • being a colic baby to a happy and healthy bundle of joy
all three of us are moving tandem.You’re 3 months young now which makes us 3 months old parents and when we look back we know how we’ve grown to this day and how we’re looking forward to growing up every day with you.
Though it’s wonderful to see you grow I also wonder at the same time-how time flies and it literally does.None can match it’s speed…we leave some adorable moments behind in the hope of greeting fresh thoughts ahead-to live life one more day and to love you one more time.
Keep growing my little munchkin-daddy’s pumpkin 🙂 We’re watching you and showering you with all the love and care,
Yours Only,

17 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-The 1st trimester is over

  1. Well done scribby 🙂
    You’ve come a long way !
    All the best for the next trimester 😀

    thanks a lot M 🙂 🙂

  2. i was confused by the title as trimester is used during pregnancy period. So chirpy is three months old now! wonderful!

    hehe the title was put this way on purpose 😉

  3. Aww that’s great to know that the little one’s routine is more settled now Scribby..I’m sure you’re a super mom..hugs..

    I don’t know about being a super mom or so but I’m trying to be best in whatever I can do for Chirpy 🙂

  4. Congrats guys to have reached the first major milestone of ur wonderfully pleasurable journey as parents!!! Great going n have fun… Love n kisses to chirpy dear!!!

    thank you Shal mau 🙂

  5. “to live life one more day and to love you one more time.” – how so beautifully put! happy 3rd month to Chirpy!

    thanks a lot T 🙂

  6. Awww, congratulations to the three of you! Here’s to many many more beautiful memories and moments to cherish. You’ve just started the journey, there’s so much more to look forward to, so much more to grow and learn. God bless you with life’s very best 🙂 . Cuddly hugs to Chirpy!

    thanks a tonne Deeps :)Chirpy says she wants to hug deepy massi too 🙂

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