I’ve observed that when I’m upset / confused with certain situation, I like to do certain things to escape that irritation,like:

  • chatting to BFFs
  • reading books / blogs
  • watching movie
  • random shopping
  • sleeping
  • just being silent and alone
  • introspection
  • going for a drive
  • hogging on a bar of chocolate or tub of ice-cream
and the likes..
but today I discovered that when I talk to someone who is very very upset with his/her own life or situations in it and is cribbing non-stop leaning on my shoulders,I feel much much better ! Don’t get me wrong..I’m certainly not happy that the other person is in trouble / bad mood..what makes me happy is that someone too is rowing the boat of irritation and that I’ve a company…and while you start giving gyaan and consoling the other person you,for that moment at least,forget your pain or sometime get an answer to your never-ending questions 🙂 and then you have heard so many times..’that’s what friends are for’…to share the load of rowing 😉
It takes two to tango,does it not? So,it takes two negatives to make it all positive 😉 How’s that !!!!!!

16 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Yeah. Just like it feels better to know that everyone else is also finding mommyhood hard. Women of prev gen made is sound so easy!!

    see na !

  2. Agree to this and apart from what you mention, sometimes, you find that your pains and worries are so trivial as compared to the other person. And of course, you get some newer perspectives too!

    spot on Shilpa 🙂

  3. it’s like a line from song
    “दुनिया में कितना गम है ,मेरा गम कितना कम है,
    औरों का गम देखा तो , मैं अपना गम भूल गया |”

    क्या खूब कहा है…वाह वाह वाह

  4. thats what friends are for .. and it is true wat u say consoling them you in turn console yourelf ..

    my dad would always say when sad look at people below you not at people who are happier then you ..
    we will always find someone sadder…

    and yes -ve – ve = +ve

    your father is a very thoughtful man B 🙂

  5. Why dont you pass on your list of “escape paths” to that person too? 😀 its fun being irritated and eating together. lol. i’ve tried it 😀 😀

    oh yes I did exactly the same scorps 🙂

  6. What a profound line – .’that’s what friends are for’…to share the load of rowing’ 😀

    thank you thank you…impromptu 😀

  7. I think this is exactly why I love being the listener and advisor….as you listen to someone’s worries with all your heart, lend a shoulder or even cry along with them and then give them advice….you find a lot of answers yourself. I have a little gender bias here though, I think it works best with the girlies 🙂

    I think men to men talk being very rare is why people think it takes place better between girlies,no? 🙂

  8. Now you know why I am in the profession I’m in. Listening to other people’s problems helps me sometimes forget my own or better yet, puts my own problems into perspective.

    yeah yeah PB 🙂

  9. I think I am bad when it come to advises, one of my friends came to me , she was upset and I heard her for an hr, I was numb and when I got back to my desk, I forgot my password and had tough time getting back to work 😦

    oh dear !

  10. Yup. I can relate to this too. Often listening to other’s problems can put you in better perspective regarding your own issues.

    BTW your ‘escape paths’ when you feel low are so similar to mine. 🙂

    I think we’re matching matching in so many things 🙂 more posts from you and me would unfold where else we are same same 🙂

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