Oops I did it again !

As shameless as I can get by breaking the promise to myself time and again…I did it again despite of so many times reminding self that ‘no,shush,you’re not supposed to do this…shush’..but do you think the inner me [TIM] cares? Oh no ! TIM is stubborn and I of course underestimated it 😦

Any way to cut it short, last week I was at Crossword and was just browsing through the books..and I told myself I’m going to JUST browse through ! In fact I was not even supposed to go to that section in Shopper’s Stop..I was there to buy things for Chirpy darling from Mothercare and to the counter and out of the store…but but but…exiting without peeping in at the Crossword store? How can I?? My loyalties would question TIM,right? so there…

I stepped in the section…spent around 30 mins and was back with 2 books..

well still okay that 2 books ONLY..[of which I’m reading Premchand’s currently]

But day before I accompanied my friend to the store for some sandal shopping that she wanted to do and then the loyalties towards books pulled me to the first floor and I again spent some good time with books and exited the store with 3 in my hands,AGAIN!!! 😯 well you see TIM was very reluctant and I just could not do anything to calm it down but buy these –

No,nothing is wrong in buying books BUT promising self [that I would not buy a book AT ALL unless I finish all the un-read ones lying at home] and not following the promise even for once,is shameless,no ❓

All in the name of book love and the jazz ! Tell me have you been shameless lately? 😉


19 thoughts on “Oops I did it again !

  1. I am joining the shameless club.. I have some crafts material lying around the house, I haven’t touched it and I ordered new supplies because they were too cute to pass 🙂 there I said it 😀

    wow glad you’re in the club too 😀 and crafts ? that’s cool…pls pls make something soon so that I can see it 🙂

  2. Hi Scribby – Not sure if I have commented here before but couldnt resist delurking!

    I’m glad you commented today RS,welcome here 🙂

    I now know someone else who likes reading Danielle Steels, Nora Roberts and Jodi Picoult! Woohooo!! 😀 And now that I saw them here – they will be my next buys 🙂

    YAY…only thing is Jodi will be my first time read…others are my fav 🙂

    Reading ‘2 states’ right now…

    put a review,I haven’t read it yet !

  3. Me shameless…no i am a very good girl…waiting to know more about the books u bought!

    let’s hope I read them SOON 😉 to post the reviews 🙂 and hello did you say you’re a good girl ?? really?? 😯 😀

  4. 🙂 we all do it I have promised myself so many times and yet it jsut happens 🙂
    now all you have to do is READ them all easy peasy

    point is my reading speed is quiet slower than the buying speed 😉

  5. Happens to me all the time. Buying more books than I intend to read. And I feel guiltier when it’s romance novels I end up buying (my guilty pleasure). I hear ya!

    I’m really happy to know I’m not alone 😉

  6. Oh tell me abt it! Am the most shameless that way 😉
    Have about 20 unread ones and am contemplating gng to Crossword today 😉 Blame the friends though, who asked them to gift me GVs 😉

    so did you buy some books Swar ? do share the names..your choice is usually nice 🙂 and YAY to shamelessness 😉

  7. Hehehe… happens to the best of us!

    I’ve been eyeing “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne for so long at various bookstores and was almost THIS close to buying it. Seeing the price tag (Rs. 700/-) made me stop.
    Well, I do have a copy now… ebook… Price: FREE!!! Now hush! 😀

    lol chica 🙂 so have started reading it ?

  8. i am shameless too in this regard. I have built a mini library and many unread books are there but still this doesn’t stop me from buying more. I simply can’t resist buying a book that appeals to me. 🙂

    I’m glad I’m not alone 😉

  9. Well, i never keep any promises i make to myself…and am shameless too 😀
    So, stop apologising, go buy more of them 😉

    yay yay no apologizing 😉

  10. would it surprise you if i tell you that i do this at least one time every single week. 😀 my promises never hold up 😛

    of course it won’t surprise me cause you,me and PB have this in common,don’t we ? 🙂 all in the name of book love 😉

  11. I need at least 3 books which I haven’t read yet all the time!! 😀
    the Nora Roberts book is a nice one… 😀

    no doubt we’re soul sisters 🙂 of course having some unread books in the kitty always gives you a choice to pick the next read 🙂

  12. Promises are made to be broken 🙂
    I love reading but somehow I find it difficult to invest and spend money…very different from the rest of you.
    I’m not really into collecting books or reading them over once I’m done….good and a bad thing.
    Never read Jodi Picoult…I watched my sisters keeper and thought it was so sweet but it depressed me….I should read some now.

    I too watched the movie and haven’t read Jodi yet..this would be my first time 🙂

  13. koi baat nahi 🙂 why dont u use flipkart?

    I’ve used it couple of times and I’m very happy with it’s service..but at the end of the day I want to feel and touch the book to buy it 🙂 Yes,I can go to the store,collect names and come home and order but there are times when you want to buy those books then and there…resistance fails big time 😉

  14. LOL
    That sounds so much like me. I’m ever so guilty of buying more and more books even when there are piles of unread books at home. I stop for some time, and then start off buying when I see a bargain. 🙂 The OH just makes matters worse by saying – Oh, buy it na. It’s a good deal. You might not find it later. And it’s only books, it’s not going to spoil. Kabhi na kabhi toh padhogi na! 😦
    I have 3 unread books by Jodi Picoult on my shelf. Somehow can’t get myself to reading them. Should start soon. Know a lot of people who LOVE her writing style.
    BTW I got Nora Roberts’ Birthright after reading your review. Looking forward to reading it. Paddington is not allowing me to read anything else these days. 😦

    now this is so much like me 🙂 I’ve read so many rave reviews of Jodi’s books but haven’t been able to buy a single one till the last time now..I hope now that I’ve bought one I will read it 🙂 I’ll keep you posted 😉 waiting for your review on Birthright 🙂

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