Fokat ka attitude,huh !

We go to see off my SIL to the station. We find that her RAC ticket has been confirmed but she got side upper berth. Now we all know how the train berths are especially the side ones. My SIL is travelling with her 1 and half year young boy.We thought we’ll get it exchanged for a lower berth and that too of the opposite side-we really thought that people will be generous enough to help a lady with a kid.So heres how things went inside the train:

SIL checked with the lady sitting on the opposite side berth whether it’s hers and she said yes they are a group of 5 people travelling and amongst the 5 berths they have one lower one. Gauging the matter she herself said there is no problem to exchange the berths. We were happy that the matter was settled within seconds.

In few minutes the woman’s husband comes in and she tells him about the arrangement that she just committed us to.The husband without even looking at my SIL and the kid or even blinking an eye said ‘No,that’s not possible’ and dryly looked the other way. The woman of course felt embarassed by her husband’s behavior & sheepishly tried to say something to us but since we heard it ourselves my SIL said ‘ It’s okay,I’ll manage’ and the matter ended there !

I felt so so angry about the whole thing. It wasn’t impossible for them to change the berths since there was no older person/a kid/ill person/fat person in their group who could not have managed to climb the upper berth OR better put who would have REQUIRED the lower berth.

Also, the kind of insult the woman must have felt [or she might be used to it may be or whatever] because she committed something and her husband out rightly rejected it without even thinking about his wife’s honor.

And the kind of body language that man was displaying I felt like giving him one tight slap !!!!!!!! Keep your rustic attitude with you man…grrrrrrrrrrrrr


11 thoughts on “Fokat ka attitude,huh !

  1. Such pathetic souls live around us!!!
    How long shud we wait for Karma to give them one tight slap?
    Poor wife of his, just nodding to his illogical and inhumane orders!

    I really felt sad for his wife than for my SIL 😦

  2. There are all kinds of people in this world. Last month when we were travelling with the L’lle one we were also looking out to exchange out middle berth. To our dismay we found that there was a family of 4 who had the lower berths. They had 2 kids one 7 month old and the other was a 4-5 yr old girl. Now we were very sure that with kids with them they won’t exchange but to our utter surprise they very happily gave us one lower berth and the man slept with his daughter in the middle berth. No wasn’t that sweet? They said they knew the pribs one faces with a baby in tow.

    that was super sweet of the couple to have adjusted but then these gems are rare to find,no?

  3. what an ***hole! Yuck! I’m sure I’d have shared a few nice words with him, even if he’d finally have NOT let me. ugh ugh ughhhh!

    a big one !!! grrr

  4. ah..people and their attitude..and saddest part is, arguing with them and slapping them rarely helps if they themselves dont want to analyze their actions

    I really wish I could have slapped him…!!!!

  5. Stupid man!! how inconvenient to everyone around…and how embarassing to the poor woman who was his wife!
    I hope your SIL managed.. its so diffcult. We saw one such incident when we were travelling to Goa.
    K and I had middle and upper berth, but again, the couple with a baby had middle berth and they requested another man who had the lower side berth to exchange because the lady was still feeding the baby.. the man said no and that they shouldn’t be travelling if they didn’t know how to manage!!
    We felt so bad for the family and there was nothing we could do! but, we made life hell for the man by talking loudly and playing music!! heh! and another old lady had the other lower berth, but she couldnt climb to the middle berth because she had some issues with her legs… it was quite uncomfortable for everyone including the small baby…

    ROFL Pixie did you guys really teased him like that? Good Job 😉

  6. What an insensitive ***hole!!
    I have seen many such morons around.. makes me feel that the disease of insensitivity is spreading fast in the world.. and has already engulfed most 😦

    you said it GND !!

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