I received this sms:

माँ के आँचल में सोने का सुख अगली पीढ़ी नहीं ले पायेगी,

क्योंकि जींस पहनने वाली माँ आँचल कहाँ से लाएगी ?

I could have thought of it as yet another forward message if the tail piece was not this:

“especially for you,think on it”


25 thoughts on “WTF

  1. WTH whosoever sent it has some serious issues in life…instead of working on them, that person is attacking others.. Idiots.. sorry rant over………

    I think you’re right Aday!

    1. Aanchal is a part of sari but figuratively it means lap. It connotes a mother’s love and affection and it is for this meaning that it is mainly used. I regard this word as pure, sacred.

      A crude translation of the above lines may be –

      The next generation will be deprived of the comfort of sleeping on mother’s lap because where would a mother attired in jeans bring Aanchal (= lap) from?

      thanks for this apt translation Ajju 🙂

      1. Thanks Ajay…
        How rude of him to send so…And the last line, adding fuel to the fire.. These people -haven’t they got any better work to do..

        to break your heart Tharani,it came from a female 😦

  2. ye aanchal tum bedardi zalimon ne phada(torn in english) hai..
    isliye ab jeans ka he sahara hai..
    Send this to that MCP… :-)) not that we want to prove anything byt wearing/not wearing jeans, but such people should be shot at…

    that’s perfect Snowy 🙂

  3. U shud have replied…

    Tumhare bacche tumhare pyaar ka sukh nahin pa payenge
    Kyunki main abhi aake tumko maar ko jaaoongi!!

    Such crap shouldn’t be taken seriously and the person who has sent it shud be confronted!

    I so wish I could have done something but the females is in family relations and you know how it is within family circles 😦

    1. I absolutely loved your comment Smita. This would be the most appropriate response to whoever sent that silly sms.

      I think so too Parul 🙂

  4. I don’t really know the context and the person who sent it but I really think it is more of a joke and requires a humorous retort more than anything else (or at least if I would have sent it to a friend it would have been)

    Well Prats you are right but the source where it came from does matter,doesn’t it?

  5. What complete bullshit! The person who sent this needs their head checked! You should confront this person and take him/her to task!

    yeah complete BS!

  6. mujhe maaloom…hindi…maloom (no no) 😀
    wht the hell does the msg translate to??? i figured its something sick…

    Check for Ajay’s translation in reply above to Tharani’s comment but yes it’s something sick,sigh!

  7. WTF indeed. Aane waali peedhi Jeans pehnane waali maa ke saath football khelne ka sukh uthayegi :p

    ROFL MoRS !!! Perfect that !!!!!

  8. Would you really have ignored it if not for the last line? Knowing you, I don’t think so. 🙂
    So ask the sender if he/she is trying to say that children born in the West don’t know Maa ki Mamata cos What a pity, their mom’s don’t wear sarees. Sigh, bechare bacchche! 😛

    And I wonder what the person is trying to tell you by judging you thus.

    Well you’re right G that had it not been targeted at me I would still have been upset with the thought..but may be I could have taken it a yet another fwd sms,just may be!

  9. Stupid mentality… I hope the sender is not on your CONTACT list .. I would personally go and SLAP.

    I wish I could do that as well B 😦

    how silly can one be .. this is the mentality of our people .. how did they get your number .. .

    mentality is the killer,true!!

  10. Publish his/her number here and we all will reply to his message ROFL. Try this sweets …am telling u..he/she will frget smsing in his life… ROFL.

    hahahaa it would be quiet a fun to watch but sorry can’’s family 😦

  11. What utter crap!!
    the person who sent it to you must have serious issues in life!!
    dont bother Nu.. such things do not deserve any more attention…

    Oh thanks Pixie..hugs helped 🙂

  12. what BS!!! You can shoot a sms right back saying.. “especially for you- The word “anchal” is metaphorical, and the child hardly cares what dress the mom wear while she cares for it. That should be left to jobless people like you… think about it” !!
    Jeez, I shudder to think about the people we are surrounded with 😦

    thanks for this wonderful thought Neha 🙂 It means a lot read such comments and the anger goes away a bit 🙂

  13. I guess it was just a msg that he/she got from someone else.. including the last gem of a comment.. and forwarded to some 100 people on his/her contact list without even thinking about it..

    well I could have taken it in that spirit had I have known the person well,but I knew pretty well what was the purpose,hence this anger !!

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