Wordy Wednesday-1-‘Hey Woman’

If you praise her,she thinks you’re lying. If you don’t,you’re good for nothing!

If you agree to all her likes,you are a wimp.If you don’t,you’re not understanding!

If you visit her often,she thinks you’re boring.If you don’t,she accuses you f double crossing!

If you’re well dressed,she says you’re a play boy.If you don’t,you’re a dull boy!

If you’re jealous,she says it’s bad.If you’re not,she says you don’t love her!

If you attempt a romance,she says you didn’t respect her.If you don’t,she says you don’t like her!

If you’re a minute late,she complains it is hard to wait.If she is late,she says that’s a girl’s way!

If you visit another man,you’re not putting in quality time.If she is visited by another woman, ‘oh it’s natural,we’re girls’ !

If you kiss her,you are not a gentleman.If you don’t,you are not a man !

If you kiss her once in a while,she professes that you’re cold.If you kiss her often,she yells that you’re taking advantage!

If you fail to help her in crossing the street,you lack ethics.If you do,she thinks it’s tactics of seduction!

If you stare at another woman,she accuses you of flirting.If she is being stared by a man,he is just admiring!

If you talk,she wants you to listen.If you don’t,she wants you to talk !

In short,

So simple yet so complex !

So weak yet so powerful !

So confusing yet so desirable !

So demanding yet so wonderful !


Wordy Wednesdays are created to break the monotony of Wordless Wednesdays.As the name suggests it would contain lot of words- stuff like funny / sarcastic/ love/ life quotes,b’day / sorry / love you / miss you/ friendship/ general messages, poetry in Hindi & Marathi, facts and figures, etc. 

Please note that whatever gets posted under the tag ‘Wordy Wednesday’ comes from the cuttings  found in my old diary-dating back to 1990s. 

The  exact source of these cuttings are not known to me today-blame the memory :( .But these could be any of the following

-news papers,magazines,cartoon strips,teens today,greeting cards, reader’s digest etc. 

If you recall having read it somewhere please let me know the source so that I’ll update with credits,thank you.


10 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday-1-‘Hey Woman’

  1. I remember reading this long back.. i guess in some newspaper.. i remember cutting it out and saving it.. then somehow, i lost it. 😛
    I had a HUGE bound book in my school days which I had named ‘Nonsense’. I used to stick newspaper cuttings and stuff inside it… used to write down inspirational messages too 🙂 Stopped doing that sometime in college..

    that’s exactly what I have now..a diary of collected cuttings from several sources..and now these are going to make way to these wordy Wednesdays..keep reading 🙂

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