Am I overdoing it?

I know and I have agreed to it myself. A mother is the best judge for her child.Be it deciding using diapers,co-sleeping,setting feeding pattern,feeding methods,getting back to work or not etc.

But what happens when the mother herself is confused? When she doesn’t know for sure whether she is overdoing it or no.Whether she should be that stern and not listen to the experienced lot? I’m still okay if this mother is sure of what she is doing-be it overdoing some stuff !

We all know when the confusion enters ones’ mind there is a sea of thoughts wandering and there is no way out,right now it seems so! How is one supposed to decide to be one side-aar ya parr ?

Yes,this mother is me,of course ! I sometimes think I’m overdoing it when it comes to Chirpy’s cleanliness. In order to maintain standards set by me I hurt people around which in-turn hurts me 😦 What is right what is wrong? People concerned here would surely not let Chirpy be unclean or stay in unhealthy environment cause they care and I know. But it’s confusing when I doubt their ‘knowing’ of cleanliness. And mind you here I’m not talking about being perfect in keeping everything spic and span-like the room,her bed,her clothes and her thingies-that of course is taken care by me only but here I’m talking about her personal hygiene.

*I want people,picking her up,to use a hand sanitizer every single time they do that.

*I want people to dry her up properly while changing the diaper.

*I want people to keep their bed/area clean because Chirpy plays there with them most of the times.

*I want people to wash their hands and not only rub them off on the apron/clothes,when they pick her up in the midst of kitchen chore.

*I want people to make sure their fingers don’t go in her mouth and even if she does that on her own they take it out.

And these ‘people’ could be anybody being around Chirpy-insiders,outsiders,maids etc.

When they say mothers know the best,ain’t it true that personal hygiene too comes under this tag? or no?

See told you at the start itself,I’m confused ! Motherhood’s chapter number 1: confusion,confusion and lot of it !


22 thoughts on “Am I overdoing it?

  1. Ammaji, relax. Motherhood is a lovely time, as everyone says, so don’t worry too much dear Nu. And, I like the name Chirpy. It brings joy every time you call her.

    And thank you so much for the news you gave me yesterday. It brought me immense joy. If not for you, I wouldn’t have known it at all.

    Joy always,

  2. No idea what to say.. No experience

    Other mums need to help..

    But I will say chilllllaaaaxzzzz a bit 🙂 if you are my mum then I wud say yeah thoda zayada ho gaya 🙂

    Take care I am sure u will figure it out….

  3. Ok, I used to be like this when my kid was an infant. Then I just realised I was being over-over-over protective and it did not help me or my child!!

    Too much cleanliness and hygiene does not help. Let the child get used to being rough and tough.

    If someone is picking their nose and then immediately touching your child with dirty hands, make a huge fuss about it. However, if someone is normally clean, just doing kitchen chores, and picks up your child without washing their hands, that seems quite OK.

    Also, Scribbly, as kids grow older, the MOTHER in us grows older too, so we also get used to things and relax a little on the hygiene factor.

    Btw, Scribbly, thank u so much for telling me about the Indian blogs directory thing, I didn’t know until I read your comment 🙂 Many thanks….!

  4. Heh heh. Motherhood, thy name is confusion and guilt ! 😀
    And ofcourse we know the best. WE are the MOMs (better give that to us for all the nau-maheene-kokh mein rakha, and labor and maa-ka-doodh :D)

    Jokes apart, I personally think that it’s alright to be super finicky about a new born, but as they grow you should relax hygiene levels and bring them to that of a normal adult. Make your own timeline ofcourse. I shed extra hygiene (sanitizer, washing before touching baby) by 3 months. At one year, I now only try to stop my daughter from putting random stuff in mouth but its’s hard. But I am more chilled with her than with my son (first born).

  5. Well I have to disagree with many of comments here 🙂
    The things you mentioned such as washing hands, drying diaper area, not putting fingers in mouth etc are all genuine concerns.. It is not overreacting.. it is good practice…

    Everyone who wishes to pick or play with my baby are well aware of this and they have experienced too (few illnesses with their own baby)…

    It doesn’t take much of efforts to wash hands and not put them in mouth (specially maids – my parent’s maid is HIV+, they are aware of it but just saying you don’t know what disease a person is having) …
    Not drying diaper area can result in diaper rash (painful for the baby) your concerns are all genuine…

    Or may be I am also one of the overreacting ones, but then my DH would also be overreacting and overprotective 😀

  6. ouch!
    m not experienced to comment.. but honestly, I do think you are going a little over board. While some amount of hygiene is essential, but it should not drive you (or her when she grows up) crazy!

    Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxx Scribbbbbby darling 🙂 you are an awesome mother.. don’t be bogged down by little things 🙂


  7. Ouch!
    Honestly, I’d say you’re going way overboard 🙂 A little dirt can do some good actually. A baby who’s always in the cleanest environement will have HUGE issues stepping out into the world sooner or later — and i speak from experience: not as a mom, buy as a bystander…

    Chill pill, she’ll be fine 🙂 As long as completely filthy people don’t let her lick them (ewww), she’ll be fine! 🙂

  8. Plus, she isn’t a just born anymore 😉 So, it’s time for you to let it go bit by bit 😉 They say a mom takes birth whena baby takes birth — so, as she takes baby steps towards growing up, you also need to 🙂

  9. Well I wouls say chill! See we are bound to be concerned as Moms but sometimes we do go overboard! As I say to my MIL I don’t want to make my son so delicate that when he goes out he isn’t able to face the reality of life.

  10. Hugs babe! I don’t know what to say. Like always I have two perspectives and can argue from any side. One that tells me that it is important to maintain a certain level of hygiene, because babies, until they are a year old are very susceptible to infections. The other perspective tells me that some bit of roughing out is essential to build your child’s immunity level. A highly sanitized environment might not be ideal for the baby either.

    So really, I don’t know what should be done as such. Just do what you instinct tells you 🙂

  11. I guess most people have already put down very valuable comments here.
    All I can say is that, in some situations where you are the sole authority, you may implement the rules, but when there are many other people involved, you may not be able to make a hard and fast rule about your child’s safety. It doesn’t mean that you give in to their carelessness, but I guess, instead of fretting over it, just keep reminding people time and again to do as you expect them to. After a while, they’ll do it just to make sure you keep shut 😀
    Happy Mothering 🙂

  12. I think you’re just being particular…which is good…keeping your baby healthy and away from rashes and infection is perfectly normal. But remember, children also need to be exposed a little…they need to build a strong immune system…so take care but also relax a bit 🙂

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