Wordy Wednesday-2-‘The way things are’

  • Insurance policy is an old man’s passport to young women
  • turning your back on your wife means you wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on her
  • behind every successful man is a woman who does not nag
  • friends are people who climb your back when you bend to help them
  • behind every successful man there is a woman,after all who runs behind unsuccessful people?


Wordy Wednesdays are created to break the monotony of Wordless Wednesdays.As the name suggests it would contain lot of words- stuff like funny / sarcastic/ love/ life quotes,b’day / sorry / love you / miss you/ friendship/ general messages, poetry in Hindi & Marathi, facts and figures, etc. 

Please note that whatever gets posted under the tag ‘Wordy Wednesday’ comes from the cuttings  found in my old diary-dating back to 1990s. 

The  exact source of these cuttings are not known to me today-blame the memory :( .But these could be any of the following

-news papers,magazines,cartoon strips,teens today,greeting cards, reader’s digest etc. 

If you recall having read it somewhere please let me know the source so that I’ll update with credits,thank you.


14 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday-2-‘The way things are’

  1. It is true though.. Even if for a laugh what the lines say if we look ariund they do mean something.
    But friends well so trueeee:-)

    Made me smile….

    I’m glad 🙂

  2. LOL 😀 What about unmarried successful man? 😀

    ahem,gotta check for that 😉 by the way you’re the best person to tell us that,so tell tell 😀

  3. LOL!!
    How the hell did you come up with these!!
    They are BANG on target 😀

    well where did I get these from? Go read Wordy Wednesday section and you’ll know :)..yes yes I want you to work a bit 😉

    on an aside, could you please share the snap of that mehendi design currently on your header?
    I love collecting good designs to practise applying mehendi.

    I shall email it to you..have some more 🙂

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