A,B,C.. of Me :)

Took it from TGND  🙂

– Available: Depends for what? 
– Age: On a fence called three zero!!!
– Animals: dog & elephant

– Beer: No vodka? 😉
– Birthday: Nearing 😀
– Best friend: Myself !!
– Body Part on opposite sex: Facial expressions which say a lot about a person!
– Best feeling in the world: Taking Chirpy in my arms !!!!
– Best weather: Rainy-Cloudy Rimjhim weather 🙂
– Been in Love: Whaddya mean,huh 🙄
– Been on stage: Of course-acted and compered 🙂
– Believe in Magic: If you’re talking about the magic called LOU,then certainly yes 🙂
– Believe in Santa: Who that? 😉 Oh yes yes heard about him in some rhyme…
– Brand: Ambassador !

– Candy: Cotton
– Color: Black-any given day,time,year !
– Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla chocolate milega? 😉
– Chinese/Indian/Italian: All three. Special mention in Italian-Veg Florentine 
– Cake or pie:Cake
– Cheese:The grated melted one !

– Day or Night: Why do I have to chose? I want both !
– Dancing in the rain:Rain Dance 🙂

– Eyes: Brown
– Ever failed a class?: Oye meri pol khoni hai kya !! 😆
– Enemies: Acche logo ke enemies nahi hote,teacher ne nahi sikhaya? 🙄
– Exercise: Duh ! Done all my Math exercises in school,all,sacchi !

– First thoughts waking up: Good Morning Chirpy 🙂
– Food: The second necessary thing in life…what?? The first being air..what were you thinking 😉

– Greatest Fear: Being left alone in a deserted place
– Goals: yes yes all goals-football,hockey all all !
– Get along with your parents: And why not? 🙂

– Hair Color: Brown
– Happy:  With? Life? Totally 🙂 This tag? Well almost 🙂
– Holiday: Twice a year !

– Ice Cream: Slurp it before it melts 🙂

– Jewelry: earrings and finger rings
– Job: SAHM

– Kids: only one right now 😉
– Kickboxing or karate: why should I reveal my secret? hahahah
– Keep a journal?: earlier I did but then blogs happened !

– Love: a four letter word movie in which Salman Khan and Revathi acted 🙂 Oh you didn’t know? 🙄
– Laughed so hard you cried: Lot of times..I call it break-fail laughter 😀


– Milk flavor: Bournvita,bachpan se !
– Movies: In theaters 😉
– Motion sickness: That is called vertigo ! See I know I know…meri teacher ne sikhaya hai 😉
– McD’s or BK: Umm honestly not tasted BK so can’t choose !

– Number: I’m number 1 🙂 Any doubts there,eh??? :wicked:

– One wish:  To take my gran-ma on an abroad tour !

– Perfect Pizza: Dominos
– Pepsi/Coke: Thumps Up ?
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume-JLo and Navy woman

– Quail: wah just because you couldn’t manage anything else from Q so this,huh? 👿

– Reason to cry: Senti Senti -Happy Happy situations,movie,books
– Reality T.V : Don’t watch TV ! yes I’m telling you,don’t watch tele..it’s not good ! 😀
– Radio Station: All time fav ‘Yeh hai…..Vividhbharti’

– Song: Ek Pyar ka Nagma Hai…from the movie ‘Shor’

– Shoe size: The largest & rarest,sigh, in the shop [Ditto TGND]
– Salad Dressing: Russian
– Skinny dip: what’s that?
– Strawberries/Blueberries : Strawberries…bery bery yum !
– Sport: Badminton and Scrabble

– Tattoos: had a temp one -see 🙂

– Thunderstorms: deafening 

– Unpredictable: How did you know? 😉

– Vacation spot(s): All time fav-Ganpati Pule.

– Weakness: Short temperament,Quick trust on people,Emotional
– Who makes you laugh the most: Chirpy has got H down to position 2 🙂
– Worst Weather?: When I’m not in my happy mood

– X-Rays: bones in black and white

-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: Dirty fellow,sitting on a buffalo 😉 You know this from school days,don’t you??? 😀

– Zoo animal: would be better off in jungle,no? 


13 thoughts on “A,B,C.. of Me :)

  1. LOL
    Well done tag 🙂
    I also got a temporary tattoo done earlier this year, at the same spot. 🙂 Your tattoo looks great!
    We share the same shoe size, I guess. Come, let’s go shoe shopping together, and cry on each other’s shoes ( I mean shoulders) 😛

    so many things in common between us…hmmmm 🙂 lol let’s go for shoe shopping 🙂

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