I know I can’t…but I want

I know I can’t….

  • go through your pain
  • feel what you’re feeling right now
  • fill the void that has been created
  • hold you,literally,and say I’m there
  • give you a super tight hug for long,in literal sense
  • can’t even wipe your tears
  • I can’t make you believe ‘everything is going to be fine’ cause nothing will remain same now
  • bring her back to you
I want you to know that
  • you’re being missed..
  • how I wish I could be with you right now
  • your pain has brought sadness to me
  • I can understand what you’re going through
  • I so want to hold you tight
  • by thinking about your loss, tears well up in my eyes
  • you’re in my prayers,always
  • I wish her soul finds a comfort-cozy place in heaven where she would be happy
Today you need to be stronger and stand for your family..hold Buzz..and I know you are doing it exactly the way you should be doing it….by keeping her in your heart..forever…and I’m proud of you… Sending lots of love your way…be brave! HUGS

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