Life is teaching me

My heart aches to know the dilemma of my masseuse who has 5 daughters [married with kids] coming over for celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan. She has to manage giving ‘expensive’ gifts to all her grandchildren and the damads too! On asking why she has to make it so huge and not play it low key,they being her own daughters and would understand,she tells me that it’s not for daughters per say but it is for the in-laws who will be checking what’s been gifted!

Money does matter,shit!

I’m scared of being alone at home now a days. Even when it’s the MIL with me.I want the man of the house to be at home,all the time. Well,not really. But when something horrendous like this takes place in the lane just behind your house,you panic,don’t you?

Shit happens and hits hard !

I can’t stand when Chirpy cries and cries because she is hurt due to that silly diaper rash! Though she recovered from the rash just in days time [thank god for fact thanks Calendula] but why has that little pudding got to go through such a pain specially when she can’t even express it? I wonder what my parents went through with every ooh and ouch of mine!

What you gave as a daughter comes back to you as mother-be it pleasure or pain!

Suddenly I’ve become a serial addict,sigh ! I’ve started watching the idiot box to my surprise and it’s giving me pleasure. I’m watching Bade Acche on Sony, Parichay on Colors and Guntata Hridaye He on Zee Marathi ! Am I really serious 😯

An occupied brain plays a vital role in life !

Have lost interest in Face Book and Google+ lies out of my ‘circle’ of understanding ! Past two days I’m sans FB !But I know this face book thing is temporary,where will I go leaving my roots,huh?

You can take a break but you can’t break the habit,at least not so easily!

I’ve started reading ‘Not without my daughter’  but every word if it is hitting me hard already…just within 30 pages down the book and I’m emotional,too much hai,just because I’m a mother now I can feel what Betty is feeling for her daughter!

You’ve got to be in one’s shoes to know how it bites. Or at least you need to posses a similar shoe to know the drill !  

I just came to know about this woman who is amazing ! She works in a big firm and earns a hefty amount when she least needs it at the end of every month. The sole purpose to work is to donate that money every month to some really ‘needy’ person that she knows or is referred by! How cool is that? I so wish someday I’m able to do such a thing for helping out people !

Humanity exists and we must support it with one hand or both,whichever is possible,to keep it alive!

3 of my friends and one cousin is due this Oct-Nov and I’m thrilled..eagerly waiting to hear the ‘big’ news! Anyone being preggers makes me really really happy ! Yes,being pregnant is that great a just love it and you want to experience it all over again ! I say every woman should let herself experience this phase which is not only beautiful but enticing too!

Life is within you,give it a chance,nourish it…cherish it. 

I’ve always missed being in Mumbai since the day I left the glowing lively city. Today there is a chance for me to be there and make my life but now it all seems difficult and dreading ❓  Suddenly such shift of preference makes me uncertain of several things to come!

Uncertainty and Dilemma is so much part of our lives,we can’t escape it even for a minute!

Life teaches and it teaches every day! Sometimes with hard pushes and the other times with gentle pulls, but the best part is push or pull it ‘holds’ you tight….such is the magic of life,one must love it!!!


16 thoughts on “Life is teaching me

  1. 1. It is such a shame that parents of girls are expected to gift their daughters, son-in-law, in-laws for whole life, even if they can’t afford… It would take a lot of education, awareness and courage to curb this practice… if someone has money to spend on their children, it is a different story but spending just because of some custom/tradition/expectation is bad…….

    you’re right but even if some parents have money to spend even then why should they under the cursory covers of customs and rituals !

    2. What a horrendous crime… 😦

    I’m still shaken!

    3. Calendula is big hit at our home too……. I know it breaks heart to see little one crying… Can I suggest something? I am sure you must be doing it already but still I would want to mention (sorry for being pushy..), try using Calendula, Vaseline or Aquaphor or Coconut oil on every diaper change after letting the skin dry (I use a cotton ball to wipe out the excess moisture left due to wipes)… This will keep moisture away from skin and hopefully no rash…Not sure but do you get Triple Paste over there? Triple paste is worth every penny… We haven’t had any rash after I started doing this (only 1 rash case till now.. touchwood..)
    Ok I am done giving gyaan.. sigh I have also become one of those moms who give advice…

    oh of course not you’re not being pushy or giving any unwanted gyaan 🙂 Calendula really really helped ! And haven’t heard of this triple paste but will look for it now,thanks 🙂 Oh yes I keep her diaper free/nappy free for as much time as it is possible but this time it was her loose motions that cause that bad rash 😦

    4. I too become very happy, when I see pregnant ladies… That is a magical time and I miss being one 🙂 I go all mush mush when I see newborn in stores or in TV 🙂

    exactly my feelings..I really miss carrying the life within me 🙂

      1. typo…oh I meant if parents have money and they want to shower their children and grand-children with gifts(totally their will) then it is fine…

        yeah now I get it 🙂 and you’re right!

  2. Hmm.. hugs!

    HUGS right back babes 🙂

    glad to now Chirpy is alright..

    yeah me too 🙂

    come back to FB – you are completely missed at all times!

    I’m back 🙂

  3. Whoa!! Thats a load of gyaan right there 🙂 !!
    I agree on the FB part. I’m not too keen on it myself!
    About the diaper rash, I guess the best option is to keep the nappy area dry.Sprinkle loads of talc and let the child roam around without any nappy/diaper for some time. My daughter is prone to nappy rashes, but thankfully, children’s skin heals much faster than adult’s.

    yeah that’s right..their skin at least heals faster 🙂

    And hey, I have a few friends on the family way too!Baby boom or what?!! 😀

    really? wowiieee 🙂

  4. Chirpy is okay now, is fantastic…Not without my daughter drains you emotionally…Mumbai misses you too…

    aww babes….I loved to hear the last thing 🙂 NWMD is really draining me 😦 have you watched the movie?

  5. loved the post and not without my daughter is on my list of must reads !!

    I think you must read the book…though emotionally draining it surely gives an insight to ‘that’ side of the world!

  6. Oh dear! Hugs to Chirpy and to u too!
    Kudos to that woman 🙂 🙂

    Oh yes that woman is really an inspiration ! HUGS from me and Chirpy to you too Swar massi 🙂

    Not without my daughter is one book which really makes u totally emotional – probably anybody for that matter 🙂

    you are right 😐 have you watched the movie ?

  7. Nice post Nu! That’s scary what happened in the lane next to yours. Understandably freaks you out. Loved all the lessons you learnt and shared with us… 🙂

    thanks PB 🙂 that’s why they say : life is the best teacher 🙂

  8. 🙂 you take care nu .. all in good time .. I know money matter but somethings matter MORE 🙂 chillax ..
    I hope chirpy is better with the rash now .. It does hurt when kids get hurt or brusied or anything and you cant do anything …

    and as you said life is within you give it a chance ..

    I saw some things in the last few days gruesome where life flashed by in front of my eyes .. SO dont worry too much and enjoy life 🙂

    hugs and lotso of love to chirpy .. Take care …

    thanks B…something by your words here made me happy 🙂 thanks

  9. Loved this post. Loved how you learn from each little thing in your life.Life does teach you every single day. I’m learning quite a few things these days, not all of them pleasant.:(

    🙂 🙂 not all pleasant?? why oh why ? 😦

    Watching pregnant women makes me happy too. 🙂 There’s something magical about them. 🙂

    magical is the word!

    1. Kudos to the woman who earns just to donate everything to charity. I would love to be able to do that some day. Yes, humanity does exist in this world, though it is getting rarer by the day.

      yes I wish too 🙂

      I have been seeing such a lack of humanity of late that I had been losing faith.Your post has given me hope. I needed to read this. 🙂

      I’m glad it made you happy and regained your faith 🙂

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