‘Not without my daughter’-Book Review

Basics of the book
Author  Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-552-15216-7
Price [INR] 325/-
Pages 517
Main Plot A true story of struggle of an American woman-Betty Mahmoody and her daughter Mahtob Maryam Mahmoody, to escape the trap Betty’s husband, Sayyed Bozog Mahmoody-an Iranian origin American, has created for them in Iran.
No. of Characters 3 leads
Tone of writing Very intriguing and straight. It makes the novel unputdownable.
My take on the book
Do I recommend Very Much
Reasons being >A trip to the different world of which one has only heard about or not even that.>A courageous tale of a woman, a mother and a tiny tot-which is learning for the reader.

>The tone of writing as I said is so straight, without circles that everything that has been mentioned goes right to your head and you can imagine what really must have happened.

On the other hand >It’s totally emotionally draining story and needless to say it has an impact on you, for longer time.>There is a movie made out of the novel in the same name but I must mention that the movie is a long-story-cut-short presentation because of which the actual story looses its essence. There are many tiny incidences which are eliminated in the movie, which are important to the story line.


18 thoughts on “‘Not without my daughter’-Book Review

  1. What a super duper weekend..except the last part…hope you are feeling better
    Shobs and Lui doing well na…I loved your take..one is doing well at school and the other at home..so things are fine indeed

    the love story..ekdum smashing! what fun na 🙂

    Dhokla and sabudana khichidi..yummmmmmmmm

    1. no no this was supposed to go on MomofRS ka blog as comment…sorry sorry..I just opened too many windows together 😦 please delete the previous comment on the sabudana khicidi and all that!!!

  2. I read this book twice and i felt a mother can go to any extent for the sake of her children……

    yeah it’s a good book and me too can read it again! Brings in tears!

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