Wordy Wednesday-6-‘Anatomy of a true friend’

EYES-Will always see you for your true self. Will always see the best in you.

EARS-Will always have them open to listen to really hear what you are saying and even to what you’re not.

MOUTH-To always tell you the truth and speak up their minds.To help talk through things when things life gets messy.

SHOULDER-Will be your strength when you can’t carry yourself and will always let you lean on and cry.

ARMS-Will always offer hugs and will make you feel comfortable.

HANDS-To hold yours when you need a little guidance and to help you get up when you may fall.

FEET-To walk with you throughout your life and to be the very best friend they can be !


Wordy Wednesdays are created to break the monotony of Wordless Wednesdays.As the name suggests it would contain lot of words- stuff like funny / sarcastic/ love/ life quotes,b’day / sorry / love you / miss you/ friendship/ general messages, poetry in Hindi & Marathi, facts and figures, etc. 

Please note that whatever gets posted under the tag ‘Wordy Wednesday’ comes from the cuttings  found in my old diary-dating back to 1990s. 

The  exact source of these cuttings are not known to me today-blame the memory :( .But these could be any of the following

-news papers,magazines,cartoon strips,teens today,greeting cards, reader’s digest etc. 

If you recall having read it somewhere please let me know the source so that I’ll update with credits,thank you.


7 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday-6-‘Anatomy of a true friend’

  1. yes to tell the truth thats what friends are for …

    and the shoulder to cry on or even put ur head to relax ….

    so very true may god grant a couple of such people to everyone for a happy life

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