We gotta be alert!

Disturbing facts keep coming to your notice every now and then..such is life~

Sharing this link of a blog where in photos of girls from their FB profiles and albums are being posted. I sincerely ask you a favor-please do circulate this link and if any of you’re aware of the girls being mentioned on the blog please notify them and ask them to change their privacy settings immediately.

You too be careful of what photos are you posting and re-confirm your privacy settings,now!

I don’t know how much is fact on this website..whether these girls are really being used or not..may be they have given permission to post their pictures on the mentioned blog or may be not..you never know…but you can always be alert,relay the information to your friends too and [try to] stay safe!

Thanks to Reema who brought this to my attention today.


12 thoughts on “We gotta be alert!

  1. Super love your header… 🙂

    thankieee 🙂

    Your efforts have paid off and the blog has been removed… 🙂

    it’s a group effort..lot of people contribute in getting this blog removed..

  2. LOVE your header 🙂
    And good work on getting the blog removed! 🙂

    I’m glad lot of people posted this on their blogs and FB profiles ultimately resulting in the blog being removed 🙂 word of mouth wins 🙂

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