Dear Chirpy-Your developments

Dear Chirpy,

Writing you after a long long time. I’ve been writing to you in my mind all this while but you too know that mamma was super busy in things that happened unexpectedly.

First and foremost I want to apologize for one thing-I could not keep my promise made to you when you were in my tummy. I told you that I’ll take you to meet your great granny [Daddy’s granny] for sure and all this while we just kept on planning and waiting for you to grow up a little more to be comfortable for the long road trip-around 400 odd kms. And ironically,your great granny left us last month,leaving a deep feeling of guilt inside my heart…I failed to keep my promise dearest,I failed. And no I’m not going to expect you to understand why we didn’t dare to take you on such a long journey when you were not even a 3-monther then!

Any way,you do know what we have been busy into these days,don’t you? Yes, b’day parties…and so many of them! And and the special one was your mamma’s b’day which you and Daddy brought in so sweetly to me…All friends who wished me said this one’s my special b’day since it’s my first with you πŸ™‚ Of course they were so right…motherhood brings with it so many lovely feelings which you never knew existed. And at every step I’m meeting a surprise with you..a part of me is being unveiled, all because now I’m a mother πŸ™‚ A picture from that special day :

Chirpy cutting cake with Mamma

You know Chirpy,you’reΒ achievingΒ all your milestones more or less at the expected time which we appreciate and applaud for πŸ™‚ But there few more things that you’ve learnt,which me and your daddy were never prepared for and are amazed to see that you are picking them up on your own,and we have no clue how to deal with things like:

>Throwing tantrums. Yes you do throw tantrums right at this young age,5 and half months precisely! If you don’t like something you’ll just make it impossible for us to manage you at that moment. There is a chair which we use a rescue when each one of us is busy at the same time..we keep you in that and in the same room where either of us are working and we keep talking to you while we finish the work. But now you have started disliking the chair-may be you’ve understood why we use it [other than putting it in the garden every morning and evening-which you love to the core].So you start cryingΒ shouting the moment you’ve been put in it and now a days slowly but steadily you’ve started pushing yourself out of that far you’ve managed to fling out your legs and soon you would be able to touch the ground by your feet and jump off…sigh we’ll have to find some other way then..don’t know if there will be any other way going forward!

>Being creative. But at wrong places.You don’t like to drink water at all.I would not have forced it down you if you were not on solids. But you being you,you’ve learnt new tricks to throw up all the water that mamma / daadi thinks that you’ve taken up into mouth and gulped down too. The moment we’re sure of it you bring it all out with a ‘spurrrr’ sound to it…ha and you also give us that ‘see-I’m-more-intelligent-than-you-thought’ smile !!! And not only this you have found several ways to create a confusion for us…every time we come up with a strategy to combat your trick you’re ready with a new one,sigh!

>Adamant.You’ve learnt to be adamant. If for a moment me or your daddy will raise our voices a little bit to shush you from doing something you’ll not talk to us for good 30 mins there on and with that continue to do what you were doing too! I wanted you to turn your face to your right so that I can apply some cream to your left cheek but since you didn’t want to you just didn’t budge. Daddy shushed you for something and then immediately coochy-cooed you but you were just not looking at him. You ignored him big time leaving him feeling sad! Yeah you can ignore someone to that extent if something is done against your wish or you’ve been told not to do certain things!

>Attention Seeker.Something which I was terrified that you would learn to be and see you’ve done exactly that! I’m sure you don’t even know it is called ‘seeking attention’ but still you’ve mastered the art so well. If we’re sitting around you and for a moment we start talking to each other or on phone you start shouting at the highest possible pitch and would force us to focus on ONLY you! You don’t even spare your masseuse for this one. Even she is not supposed to stop her hand movements and talk to me!

And coming to the massage session…god you love it so much.You lie down in leisure and get yourself massaged.Also if we enter the room that time,you give us that “please don’tΒ disturb me” look 😦 which makes it difficult for us to clickΒ picturesΒ of but still I’ve tried to capture one..

Massage at leisure

Where do you learn all this from ?? Who? Who is it?? Is it Nuttie Massi? I’ve solid doubts on her..she keeps appreciating you for wrong things and always keeps telling you new tricks…yes I guess it is her…hmmm ! lol

Hey but you know what baby? I want you to keep doing things that are totally bouncer for your Aai and Daddy,it’s amusing,though sometimes things do get out of our control but overall it’s lovely to see you do things which are unexpected. Your daddy and me have come to realize that what they say is true-you blink and your babies grow up! Sigh,such a dilemma for parents..they want to experience further things in their baby’s growth but at the same time don’t want to lose the current state that their baby is in! Yes adults are that confused πŸ™‚

Having a girl and that too with lot of hair gives her mother several opportunities to dress the doll up! I’m lucky to have you Β Chirpy, in every which way,one of which is you having lots of hair on that tiny head πŸ™‚ I hope you won’t feel irritated to see this when you grow up πŸ˜‰ I just could not keep my hands off your hair,trust me πŸ™‚ and all my intentions are purely to make you look pretty,my doll,not for fun sake,you trust Aai,don’t you?

mamma's umpteen experiments πŸ™‚

Now that you’re reaching your 6 month mark you’ve started doing the expected things like spurting vowels-sometimes consonants,smiling at every little thing that amuses you,you’ve been put on solids and thank god for you’re liking it,you’ve started sitting for fraction Β of seconds without support,you push yourself hard to crawl and reach for things lying ahead of you,putting your toes in your mouth and every other thing that you can lay your hands on,you love people and you smile at everyone and don’t fuss to go to visitors,you’ve started liking books that I read you,you enjoy going out and you can’t stay quiet,you constantly need someone to talk to you or play with you…so much and more..our days are filled with so much fun and some headache that you keep giving us in between πŸ™‚

Stay good and be naughty as ever πŸ˜‰ yes your Aai is telling you this πŸ˜› Go ahead my girl !!!

Loads of love to you my darling,



21 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-Your developments

  1. Just because I am barely around these days, Nuttie maasi takes the credit! Hmmmppphhh.. am not talking .. royal ignore!

    oopsie daisy ! I thought you wanted credits for her nice behavior and cuteness,no?

  2. They grow up so much so quickly don’t they? And grow so very cute with every passing days πŸ™‚

    Loved reading every word of this post. Loads of love to the little sweetheart. πŸ™‚

    yeah comfy the time flies like never before and you want to hold on πŸ™‚ and each day is like a surprise πŸ™‚ Thank god for He made this concept of having babies πŸ˜‰

  3. awwww…what a darling she is and i love how you describe her being adamant and being an attention seeker…Puchku she is!!!

    oh you’ve to come and see how ziddi she is becoming by each passing day,poor me !

    the post has brought a smile to my face ….lots & lots of love from the sanest maasi…and to her not so sane gundi momma!!

    ya ya the ‘sanest’ massi,huh πŸ˜› !!!

  4. I was smiling while reading this… yes girls are like dolls to their moms, dress them up… I do that too…

    chirpy is darling…lots of love to sweetie pie..

    I think all we want to do when we become a mom to daughters is to dress them pretty πŸ™‚ It feels good,does it not?

  5. Love, Love LOVE this post!!!

    thank you momo πŸ™‚

    BTW, belated birthday wishes πŸ™‚ (made all the more special because of the angel blessed on you )

    you’re absolutely right:) thank you for the wishes πŸ™‚

    You’ve said all that I wanted to when Lui was born πŸ™‚ though she had scanty hair, my one major pastime was to add ribbons and clips on her head πŸ˜€ Frankly, one can never get enough of dressing up girls (thats the little girl in us who likes to dress her dolls πŸ™‚ )

    how true…now whenever I’m out for shopping I’m always looking for some or the other trinkets to adorn chirpy’s hair πŸ™‚

    As for the oil massage….well…kids love it, I guess. Chirpy looks like one happy baby (Ameen)

    oh she is as long as her tummy is full πŸ˜‰ she is a low maintenance baby,touch wood !

  6. Awww!! this is such a sweet letter and it reminded me of my 1st 6 months with the L’lle one. And seriouslyu treasure every moment because time flies!!!

    you bet Smita,times flies 😐 How is the little one doing?

  7. A happy and sweet post.I am all smiling reading this post.And this post reminded of my kids when they were that age.

    Hugs to the baby….

    aww πŸ™‚ HUGS right back from Chirpy!!

  8. Awww.. that is such a beautiful letter from a beautiful mom to a beautiful daughter. I loved that birthday pic of you two. And that reminds me – Belated Happy Birthday Mam. It’s gives a different kind of satisfaction to read Moms of this age sharing there motherhood moments here.

    thanks for your belated wishes Nikki πŸ™‚

    Sorry I couldn’t meet you while I was in Indore, more than you I wanted to meet Chirpy. She looks so cute in that hazy birthday picture… and I must say – you also look as if you have lost weight. Is it? Let me know the ways if you have.. atleast I can keep adding the tips in the diary I maintain, what if they don’t help me :P. For me, it just not happening… I have started picking up books with title like – “Can’t die for size zero”. πŸ˜›

    yeah I felt sad that we could not meet but the next time you’re here we’re meeting for sure,okay? about weight blurred image can do wonders is all I can say right now πŸ˜‰

    Anyway enough about me and my weight…coming down to the post, I can’t wait to see Chirpy getting old enough and reading all there blogs/letters addressed to her and commenting on the same.

    I hope so that she reads these letter and don’t find them boring πŸ™‚

    About daughters growing old, I believe thats a universal phenonmenon. My papa just coudnt get used to me getting old…. as if he wasn’t prepared that one day I would turn 23, and it would be time to find a match for me. Also he always used to behave so strangely in front of my friends at the same time seemed totally at ease with my siblings friends ( we have good 6 years of gap between us). If you get what I mean.

    I get that now that I’m experiencing it step by step!

    This one is going to be long comment.. I have something to share on the hair styles part as well. You know the first few pics you shared of chirpy on your blog, the first thing that came into my mind was her height & rich black curls on her head.. touch wood, can be every mom’s pridde:).
    You know my mom is totally not into hair styles, makeup, jewellery anything to do with what we call as girly stuff. I have always felt she should have sons rather than daughters, now thats a different story. But its about when I was a little young cute girl.. or so I would like to believe. Unlike today 20 years back we dint have so many options of – clips/cluthcers/differnet color full hairbands etc.. so what my mom used to do was – style my hair with different colored hankerchiefs, sometimes as baby sardarjee.. at times tying different knots in my little pony..and in different other ways.. and you won’t believe she was appreciated a lot for that, other young moms used to ask her how to do that..and yes, I used to get lot of compliments too πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I dont have pics to share rite now πŸ™‚

    I agree there were not many options when we were kids..we were plain and simple make that Rasna commercial girl’s fountain pony or possibly have a boy cut πŸ™‚ Aww I can imagine how cute you must be looking in those hairstyles πŸ™‚

    Hope to see more letters to Chirpy.. and to relive my daughter moments.. πŸ™‚

    I hope so too πŸ™‚

  9. Baap re.. that became such a long reply.. brevity is just not one of the elements of my writing. πŸ˜› Hope you dont mind..

    there is nothing to mind,I loved reading your comment πŸ™‚

  10. Being adamant, throwing tantrums, and seeking attention…. She is being a girl… πŸ˜€ Go on gal… What better can it be when you get to do it all with your mom’s permission…. πŸ™‚

    yeah being a girl she is πŸ˜‰

  11. Awww! Chirpy is such a sweetheart! She has you guys running to her tune, doesn’t she πŸ™‚ And she is growing up so fast! Enjoy this phase, Nu πŸ™‚ Am sure both of you will look back at this with such fond memories.

    I wish I had documented daughter’s first year – feel so stupid now 😦 It would have been so much fun to look back, read and enjoy. Little things that we have forgotten now, could have been refreshed..

    Hugs to Chirpy darling and her dear Momma!

    oh she does make us dance to her tunes and it’s just 5 months now πŸ™‚ let’s see what future hold in for us πŸ™‚ but yes Smithu,these are the days…!!!!

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