Something which has no definite solution

Last week when I was at the mall I saw it happening once again. And then once again my thoughts started wandering and reached to so many places that I’ve no count of. Usually when at this topic I surprisingly don’t arrive at one single point…it’s so many things that come to my mind and stay for a longer time…with a feeling that I can’t do much nothing about it !

A teenage couple is found clicking photos of themselves in ‘couple’ poses around the cafeteria,in a mall,gardens etc. Whenever I see such thing I always feel insecure for that girl. Whosoever it might be I feel scared..I fear that these photos someday might lead to blackmailing or in wrong hands. I also notice that usually the guy by his looks does not seem to be sensible,stable or simple guy..basically the right kind of guy. Of course looks might be deceptive but then there are things which you can read about a person’s character just by looking closely…if you know what I mean.

Day in day out we hear about MMS scandals taking place,love leaks in the circle of friends and friends of friends and beyond,about how a couple broke up and in order to take revenge exposed the partner on all grounds,sometimes there is nothing wrong between the couple but a nasty friend [usually guy’s] grabs his mobile and gets hold of the private photos and videos [if any] and to play a prank or may be because of vengeance misuses the stuff and that’s how episodes of leaks happen!

I always think where does it start from? Where is the starting point cause I think there is no end point to it all. One cannot control such things from happening. Then is there a way of nipping the problem in the bud itself?

>I don’t know how much this makes sense but what if the girl herself is taking precautions right from the start ? by not letting the guy take her pictures,which in any sense could be misused by any chance…I mean yes in this age and time you can’t possibly skip this activity of getting couple pictures clicked but to be a bit alert about what kind of pictures are being clicked and by whom?

>May be a girl can judge the guy right and then get involved to this extent to trust him blindly? I mean most of the times at the end of it the girl regrets that she chose a wrong guy…or made a haste decision in getting involved or just fell in love with how he wooed her romantically…without being aware of the background of the guy or what kind of company he keeps! But if this holds true then what’s the criteria for judging right? 

I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t know if this is a problem at all. I don’t know if there exist any simpler way to protect oneself. And no and I’m not saying that only girls are vulnerable but in most cases it’s the girl. Yes,even a guy’s choice about a girl can go wrong. I’m also not saying that it’s only a girl’s responsibility to stay aware and alert but a guy is equally responsible to protect the girl in all sense if he is committed. But when the commitment vanishes from his heart,the what happens? Who is responsible?

What about those videos which are doing rounds even today despite being quiet old? I happened to see two such videos out of in one the girl was very much aware of the recording being done…she is asking the guy ‘you promise na you’ll not pass it on to your friends? You promise na?’ of course, the guy says a big promising yes and then the action starts. Though the video is only about 2 mins or so but that is enough to expose! Some Lucknow girl but I watched the video…can you imagine from where all it would have reached me? sigh ! And in such cases all people see and remember is the girl not the guy,I’m sure! So who is at loss?

All in all it’s quiet difficult to come to a single point and keep a finger on it,is what I feel. But I fear and feel for the girls when I see them with guys they should not be with. When I hear them telling on phone,possibly to their parents, that they’re attending extra lectures in college and similar excuses of not being at home at the expected time.It’s like a vicious circle of questions and doubts. One leads to another and that to another and it in turn leads to the first one….with no definite solution !


12 thoughts on “Something which has no definite solution

  1. You wont beleive this BUt it happened ..

    People do such things out of love and out of trust they have with each other and all those CRAP promises made we will get married and live together ever after …

    and beleive me its not just the boys who do it , there are girls too who g ofor blackmailing and all .. TRUST me I know for a fact …

    There is not criteria of judging right .. selfish bad wrong people are outthere in this world who will RIP you apart at the slight chance given and its not jsut you who are affected in some cases it the parents the friends who get affected tooo by all this turmoil …

    this world is a wicked place

    sorry i sound so OPTIMISTIC 🙂

  2. You speak my heart girl!!
    Even I feel that girls today simply throw caution to the wind 😦
    I was steady with the BF for nearly 8 years before we got married and our first snap together as a couple was on our wedding day!!
    Call us old-fashioned or whatever, it never seemed right for us to be clicked together until we were legally bound 😀

    1. I felt really sad about that Lucknow girl or for that matter any person that gets victimized.

      I don’t have any solution, some thoughts came in mind and I am just writing them here…

      There are just too many misconceptions about love, relationships and most of the time, the guidance is missing when it comes to GF/BF.
      Parental guidance or elder sibling guidance only comes in the picture in case of marital problems or when the water has already crossed the bridge…

      The point here I am trying to make is crushes, love affairs, heart breaks are part of life but most parents prefer to assume that this won’t happen with their child.

      If parents could freely talk with their children about BF/GF without just declaring stay away or don’t you dare to fall in love or if you ever have an affair it would bring shame etc..

      I wonder if the girl’s parents know about their BF, would BF still try to trick his GF into some kind of scandal? I wonder what makes this girls lie to their parents when they go and meet their BF? Is it the fear of parental wrath or loss of freedom?

      I hope these girls understand that if they are saying “don’t pass it to your friends” or “if you are going to marry me, then…” are just few things that their mind doesn’t allow them to do… If such a thought appears in their minds, please don’t do such things (well somebody has to tell them)..

      If someone says “If you love me, you’ll do such and such thing” or basically asking that girl to do something in name of love, girl’s response should be “if you love me, you won’t ask” or just run from that guy… again somebody needs to tell them…

      PS: I just rambled, I am unable to organize my thoughts… I can only pray…
      Dear God, Please please make this world a better place, give us the wisdom to differentiate between good and evil, give us the courage to fight evil…

  3. I agree…. and how much I would hate to admit – experienced too. And the person who misused my pics, or the moments I shared with him was not a stranger I met in chat room, not a friend of a friend.. not someone unknown by any standards. I saw him in college, observed him, known him for long good year before started being with him in any other way. I had had bad- unexplainble experiences before as well, and its now new – we keep on reading about it, listening to it through friends.. but that person, that sick bastard,actually made me belive that Men are dogs. No matter what. Shaked my trust like anything.

    1. And just a reminder for other girls to beaware…. not even trust or share pics/initimate moments with best of your friends of opposite sex.

      After my mistakes I am so skeptical and worried about my younger sis. She is much more smart and practical unlike me, I was and still am an emotional fool.. but I am just too worried for her…. and keeps on objecting her facebook activities, her talking to some common friends over phone, and keep giving her unsolicitied advice all the time, that leads to fights at times, arguments at other, but I can’t stop. Just wish she understands.

      1. I’m so sorry for your experiences 😥

        And I appreciate your concerns for your sis… I’m sure she would understand (if not today, then later) that you have or always had her best interest in heart…

  4. I have seen this happening with so many girls and it so sad to see their trust being shattered ruthlessly….
    I think one major reason why incidents like this happen is because girls mellow down easily and find it difficult to say no out of fears of losing the ‘right guy” but they forget that if he really loves you then he would understand your concern and wouldn’t mind taking no as an answer for some things…
    I hope girls learn from experiences of others and be more cautious….

  5. actually I don’t see a need, I mean how much ever you trust your partner, and however long you might have known a person, I don’t see a need to be photographed or videographed in compromising positions, sooner or later, by purpose or otherwise the pics/videos are in danger of getting leaked. I don’t see why boys and girls fall prey to this urge of sharing/recording everything. May be its the in thing now.

  6. Sad, isn’t it? And today with mobile cameras and everything, it must be so very common! It is scary to me , very scary. I just hope that people have more sense that doing such stuff and then regretting it forever and ever…

  7. really its a scary thing with everyone having mobiles with cameras…one has to be cautious to protect oneself. Its better to not trust anyone no matter how much you love them in these matters.


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