Abortion-The anti-choice!

I just read a ‘story’ posted by a friend along with a photograph on FB. Here is the link for any of you who wants to read or have not already read it! STORY

View the image attached to the story only if you’re sure that you can view images that have dead babies,blood and the likes and if no then I request you to skip viewing the image. please refer to AT’s comment below.Sorry AT for not warning you earlier!

It’s about abortion. An emotional heart wrenching monologue of an unborn child of how cruelly his mom decides to abort him and he asks questions as to why did she chose to take his life!

Of course it sounds so sad and it drenches our hearts with tears that our heart cries for every such child who is not being brought in this world. I too felt sad and my heart twinged reading that stuff. But you know what,my mind didn’t stop for a moment to feel sad..it kept thinking about the matter.Abortion. And then of course,my mind did not rest until now that I’m typing it all out here.

I thought about why does one get an abortion done? There could be one or more reasons for a couple/a female to opt for an abortion,like:

Looking at the above list these reasons do seem quiet logical,don’t they? But are we in general going to accept this straight like that? Do we not drop our jaws the moment we hear that certain lady decided to abort before even knowing the reason why she decided to? That’s because abortion is synonymously fed in our mindset with ‘crime’.
I want to go a bit deeper in the entire process by which one reaches to the point of taking a decision of not bringing a baby in this world.
Step1: Sex
Step 2: Conception
Step3: Confirmation of pregnancy
Step4: Discussion
Step5: Decision [To keep the baby or to abort]
If it’s ‘keep the baby’ no issues but if it’s otherwise then it’s a crime-because it will mean to take one’s life!
Yeah,taking one’s life is a crime but I disagree to associate it with the term abortion,in general.Why?
Take 2 steps back and you’ll know why I think that Abortion is not the ultimate crime. In any which way I think conception is the stage where the crime takes place. And no, I’m not talking about the cases like rape or a method of precaution going berserk . I’m talking about the cases where in a couple is very much by their own will,indulge but for that moment forget about precautions and then helplessly arrive at step 5. If at all the word ‘crime’ has to be used,then this is crime! If in instances like college,career,not being married..are the reasons then I would say ‘boss pehle sochna chahiye tha!’
Okay,so some would say ‘fine one crime has been committed then why commit another one by aborting the child?’ Right, but then just imagine instances like
>a couple is not ready to take up the responsibility of a baby,will it not be crime if the the couple is not able to give the baby required time,attention and amount of nurturing ?
>The household income is not sufficient for the current family size,will it not be a crime to bring in another life to add to the miseries and not provide the bare minimum to the children?
>A lady who is not physically fit and has all the chances to pass on the gene defects to the baby,which are not curable,will she not commit a crime by bringing in the child with sure defects to take place?
>the couple is not married and they are not sure of their future together.**
Bringing up a baby is not a joke! It’s a responsibility. It’s about nurturing a life,helping the tiny human being to learn and know,providing the basics-food,shelter and clothing and since you’re bringing in the baby in this world you’re whole solely responsible for it’s well being,at least until the time he/she is on it’s own.
So,if one is not ready to take up this responsibility and still brings in the baby because it’s a crime to abort,is it fair to the baby? Does it not account for crime? Why should the baby suffer once in the world? Delivering a baby is something which can’t be undone. This decision has to be taken very consciously. Having babies is not random. I’m sure there would be instances where some people might not be aborting under social and emotional pressures of being called as criminals,even if they would not want to go ahead with the pregnancy. Like having a baby is a personal choice of the couple and then keeping a baby should be treated in exactly the same manner!
So basically one has to stop at step 2 if there is even an inch of a doubt of not being prepared to have a baby,a responsibility!
Having said all this, I don’t mean that one who gets an abortion done for no reasons at all is right. And of course I don’t mean that if you’re not ready to take up a girl child’s responsibility,you can abort her and try for another!
All I’m saying is aborting for the right reasons should not be termed as crime but repeating the same mistake should! And stories like the one doing rounds on FB must be thought of keeping the step 2 in mind!
**No harm in still bringing in the child and be the single parent-but then only if you’re self sufficient,sure about your ability to provide at least basics to the child and equipped to take a good amount of flak from family,relatives and society. 

13 thoughts on “Abortion-The anti-choice!

  1. When I was a teenager I was anti-abortion because I looked at it in a very black and white manner — people having sex without contraception, getting preggers and then aborting. I know better now. And I am pro-choice. I think it’s each to their own. And honestly, with some of the families I see at work, I think some kids would have been better off not being born in their families because of the crap they go through! Parents who didn’t want them, couldn’t care properly for them, neglect them or abuse them…I could go on and on. Such kids would have been better off not being in the world as they wouldn’t be subjected to 18 years of hell. And of course, there’s all the reasons you have provided. Unfortunately, most people are quick to judge an abortion without even knowing the story.

    yes that’s where the problem lies..people just by hearing the word abortion make an impression that the couple took a wrong decision !

  2. I agree that it is not a easy decision and there are lots of factors always…You’ve already mentioned few instances where it is wrong and I believe those who are pro-life and pro-choice can work together…

    I have a request, please put a warning for that FB story in your post, I clicked and saw that picture and puked my guts out…I had no courage to read that story… I mean when it comes to babies/children I am very emotional..

    I hope people become more pro-choice than succumbing to social pressures!

  3. Yes Nu, abortion in itself is not a crime. The reason that go behind it makes it one at times, like the incidents that we get to hear so often in our son-craving society where families pressurizes a couple to go in for an abortion the minute they come to know they are going to have a girl-child.

    But one look at the points you have jotted above is enough to introspect and realize that abortion need not always be a crime as it is perceived to be. Its far better to keep a child from entering this world if you are not willing or ready to look after him/her or if there is any pertinent danger involved for whatever reasons THAN bringing him/her in this world to regret it later and make the child feel unwanted.

    I think I’ll give that FB story a skip as I dont thik I can view those images 😦

    the image attached to the story is really not worth looking at 😦

  4. I agree to what you say .. I guess its the parents choice.. and unwanted pregnancies are on the rise these days .. and I feel its a bigger crime to bring a child into this worl and then not care for it and leave it to fend for itslef…

    it is a big responsibility as you say …

    yes B being a parent is a different kind of responsibility and which you can’t leave half way!

  5. I am totally pro-choice. I feel it is anytime better to bring a child into this world, when we are ready for it, rather than bring it out of having ‘no choice’, and then not being able to look after it in the best way possible. And even emotionally, if the parents are not sure, then it is better to figure out what makes the best sense to them. As you said, single parent or not, is not the problem, the issue is if the parent feels confident enough to bring up a child. Sadly, so many people judge those who have had an abortion, when really, it is none of their business.

    yeah ‘none of their business’ but sadly people still poke their noses!!!

  6. I absolutely agree with you Nu…. It would be sensible to abort the child rather than bring him in the world and then leave him to be on his own….

    I’m glad people here think like me 🙂

  7. Totally agree, we do tend to look at it in a one sided manner more often than not. Abortion, when it is done because you know that you cannot give the baby a life he/she deserves, is not a crime. bringing the baby to this world, knowing he/she will never be happy is. It has to be the choice of the parents.
    That being said, I would go as far as saying that the way we fight against female infanticide, and not letting parents know the gender of the baby beforehand, because there is a possibility that they may choose to end the pregnancy, that too is not the best way to deal with the issue in our country. One of the many reasons why so many girl babies end up in garbage bins, and left outside orphanages and hospitals.
    Anyhow, giving the pics et al a skip too, not sure if I can handle it

    you’ve put so crisply DI..thanks 🙂

    1. and the govt decides to screw up big time by putting forth proposals to ‘adopt’ female foetuses, while it is actually the people’s attitude that needs an overhauling:(

  8. I don’t really have the guts to see the FB story..but yes each to his own..it’s the circumstances and the situation which should decide it for the parents to be..Also their choice..

    each to his own is the key line here !

  9. People are just so judgmental….who knows what circumstances may have led to such decision..its so easy to pass comment! I think its each to their own.

    but this is so human that it is a common trait everyone has to judge others!

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