Wordy Wednesday-14-’10 commandments’

  1. SPEAK TO PEOPLE: There is nothing as nice as a cheerful greeting!
  2. SMILE: It takes 72 muscles to frown but only 14 to smile!
  3. CALL PEOPLE BY THEIR NAMES: Everyone is pleased when you remember their names!
  4. BE FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL: And others will respond in like manner!
  5. SPEAK & ACT: As if everything you do were a genuine pleasure.
  6. BE GENUINELY: Interested in people.
  7. BE GENEROUS: With praise and BE CAUTIOUS: with criticism
  8. BE CONSIDERABLE: With the feelings of others it will be appreciated.
  9. BE THOUGHTFUL: There are 3 sides of any controversy-yours,theirs and the right one!
  10. REMEMBER: The above !


Wordy Wednesdays are created to break the monotony of Wordless Wednesdays.As the name suggests it would contain lot of words- stuff like funny / sarcastic/ love/ life quotes,b’day / sorry / love you / miss you/ friendship/ general messages, poetry in Hindi & Marathi, facts and figures, etc. 

Please note that whatever gets posted under the tag ‘Wordy Wednesday’ comes from the cuttings  found in my old diary-dating back to 1990s. 

The  exact source of these cuttings are not known to me today-blame the memory :( .But these could be any of the following

-news papers,magazines,cartoon strips,teens today,greeting cards, reader’s digest etc. 

If you recall having read it somewhere please let me know the source so that I’ll update with credits,thank you.


7 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday-14-’10 commandments’

  1. How about “Mind your own business.”, “Don’t judge others.” “Your way of life is not the only way of life.” ? 🙂
    Nice commandments though. I always have to remind myself to smile and be nice to people but am working hard on it.

    you’ll soon reach there I’m sure 🙂 and I think since we as people don’t follow,generally speaking,the above commandments we need such like ‘mind your own business’ etc 🙂

  2. One thing is good here in uk as you walk along so many say hello, orgood morning etc wtc along with thanks or sorry..so the first points I. Get to do a lot.
    Nice pointers if all do it how beautiful the world could be…

    I so wish here in India people too become gentle towards strangers rather giving a stern look as if the stranger has just killed you 😉

  3. I loved number 9…its so true na…just that we never realise it 🙂

    that’s the whole point,we know a lot of things in life which are good for our [mental] health but we tend to ignore/forget them at our convenience ! Moreover,we expect people to remember these things and act accordingly every single time !

  4. Beautiful commandments, and the world would definitely be a better place if all of us followed them. That said, in today’s world, it is sometimes better to give it back than keep smiling at people and accept anything that they throw at you. Better to first see and judge the situation, and then decide how you want to act. Specially in the corporate world. 😀

    you pointed out right…corporate world is big maze of people and different plateaus of emotions ! One needs to beware and play safe !!

  5. i liked these 3
    BE GENUINELY: Interested in people.
    BE GENEROUS: With praise and BE CAUTIOUS: with criticism
    BE CONSIDERABLE: With the feelings of others it will be appreciated.

    being considerable is important,hai na? 🙂

  6. I liked the 9th one… BE THOUGHTFUL: There are 3 sides of any controversy-yours,theirs and the right one! So very true and almost all the time, we firmly believe in our perspective only!

    yeah and we ought to remember this …the more people remember this chances are more that there are less problems !

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