Passport to a healthy pregnancy

This post is an entry for Women’s Web Contest.

There is a lot said and written about pregnancy across the globe and I’m adding my two cents to the available data. I’m a 6 months old mother and I’m hoping that my memory doesn’t ditch me while I’m writing about my 9 months journey 🙂

# 0: Before you have conceived:

Once you plan to conceive [ that is you and your partner are totally sure and physically,mentally and financially ready to take this plunge] please be stress free. People will keep telling you to eat this and drink that. Sleep like this and position yourself like that while having intercourse. I don’t say it’s all crap. All I’m saying is just don’t stress yourself and make intercourse a task for this reason. The more relaxed and happy your mind is the more you’ll feel better about it’s outcomes,trust me!

Idea: just forget that you’re trying to conceive. Take it as just another time’s play with your partner 🙂

#1: Doctor Doctor:

These days it’s easy to know yourself by using home pregnancy tests. It’s quick,convenient and first hand information.Having said this doesn’t mean you only rely on that.Just when you discover that you’re pregnant go and see your gynecologist with a positive mind. Here the key is to find a trustworthy and compatible gynec. It is very important for you,your partner and your doctor to click well cause it’s going to be months long association and it’s about trust. So do your homework prior to this stage.Consult your friends and family in advance about the gynecologists available in the city before zeroing in on one.

Idea: While at 0th stage visit a gynec or two suggested by your folks and check whether he/she suits you in every way!

#2: Walk the talk:

Once you’re on the mark to ‘get set go’ to meet your baby at the other end of the 9 months journey please start walking. Ideally 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evenings/nights post dinner. Whichever time suits you or both. It’s not only healthy for you to walk in general but it’s particularly good for your body to reach to the new levels now in this journey. Especially morning walks would help much much in every way specially if you’re able to chose a place like gardens or a area with all greens around. Nothing like breathing in fresh morning air with the trees around,no? But if you don’t have a garden around fret not,you still walk and help your body in developing new strength that it will require going forward.

Idea: Make these walks merrier by taking your partner along 🙂 This way you not only get the cozy time with each other but you also get to talk about your promotions in life which are shortly due 🙂

#3: Books [and the Internet] are best friends:

Surely we’ve all been taught from the time we could remember that books are our best friends.Why not,it’s totally true. And it’s also true in the case of pregnancy books. There is plethora of material available in the form of books and on the Internet. I won’t suggest you to not read it at all. In fact I’ll suggest you to pick a book or two and one pregnancy site or two and read it thoroughly. But read it like a novel,save it in your brain like an information and not beliefs. No,again I’m not saying that whatever such materials state is all bogus and one should not believe it. All I’m saying is there is great info available about what happens to your body and how’s your baby growing in. Take it all but to a level where it doesn’t get harmful. If you start knowing more and questioning everything then it might be a problem for you and your doctor too. Remember #1? We’ve chosen a good doctor because of this only,right? He/She knows it all and you’ve got to trust the doc. If you have any doubts after reading the stuff feel free to check with the doctor.You might disagree with him/her but you should not mistrust cause at the end he/she is the one who read the medical books and cleared the exams!

Idea: Just pick one source of consultation and keep it that way until the end. Read everything but trust your doctor in the end,okay? {see that’s why it is very important to have an experienced and a good doctor first thing in place}

#4 Old is gold:

And why not! It’s true but keep this age old adage aside for this time please. In earlier times there were females who did almost every household chore on their own, tasks like sweeping,fetching water from the wells et al. It slowly became a tradition that a pregnant women should do such chores to strengthen their muscles especially lower abdominal ones and should continue doing this till the end of the journey. But people following traditions forgot that times have changed drastically since then till now. Now,almost every one of us has household help and usually these days you won’t find women sweeping the floor or doing any rigorous physical exercise when it comes to household chores,is it not? So,now because you’re pregnant you suddenly start following the tradition,no please don’t. At least not at the risk of causing injuries to your body.Having said this I don’t mean that you stop doing your regular activities like going to work or cooking etc. Just that don’t do anything which will put stress on your body!!

Idea: Just don’t start any new physical exercise which your body has never done before or in a long long time. Your body is as it is going through a sea change so don’t put more challenges on it and make it difficult ! Keep your body happy,listen to it and stay merry yourself! Nothing like a happy body which doesn’t complain,right? On the contrary if lot of  physical exercises is a part of your daily routine  and your doctor too is okay with you continuing with them even now,go ahead. But only in consent with your doctor and body,remember that!

#5: Stressing is not for you,lady:

Stressing in these days,because of anything,is not a good idea at all. Be it emotional pressures,work pressures or whatever. Try to stay away from all these negative energies. It not only affects your mind but it reaches to your baby too. It’s said whatever you feel is felt by your baby.So if your going to be cranky be assured that you’ve a cranky nut in making. And no kidding I’m not. It’s true. Try as much as possible to stay away from such environment. If it is work which is creating havoc in your life and if you can manage to get a change of location,seat or project-ask for it. If nothing works and if you can leave the job with no further stress being caused at the financial front-just don’t think even once and leave it! Basically just do whatever you can,easily,to stay away from stress.

Idea: Stay happy by reading good books,watching good movies and talking to friends & family. Or better just turn in to your spouse 🙂 

#6: Rituals? Okay but not if they are lengthy:

Specially in your advanced months you would find it difficult to sit / lie down / stand for a longer time. Before committing to any ritual at home or at friends’ please make sure that it doesn’t require you to stand / sit for a longer time. Or at least make sure that it’s flexible enough to let you take a break and rest for at least 30 mins.

Idea: Check about the rituals in detail with your elders. If you think it’s not going to work for you,try talking to your elders about the options you can exercise and if nothing’s possible,just say NO. Saying no then might break some hearts but then it will save you all from the tantrums your tired body will throw at you later!

#7: It’s you and none other,don’t forget:

Agree that the body goes through a lot of changes in these times. But the person remains the same,no? You just have to follow the doctor’s advice,take medicines in time,eat properly and stay happy. Nothing difficult in following this,right?

Idea: Just tell yourself that it’s a positive change taking place in your life.So nothing to fret about. Stay the way you’re and do what all you did before this-like smiling,going to movies,parks,shopping,parties etc [of course in consent with the doctor if  god forbid there are some complications] everything cause this is the time to cherish. Just be yourself and you’ll see everything’s gonna fall in line!

#8: Panic not,use your brain and the file pack:

Anything happens,panic not. Yes,I’m still saying,that you must relax and then act. Acting haphazardly will not take you anywhere.Remember with anything happening you always have 2 mins to think through and decide what’s gotta be done next.Get the important phone numbers-like doctor’s,close family & friends, a person,other than your partner,who would take you to the hospital when required,some tips to follow while in labor, your important medical history papers and such in one place, right from the start. As you progress in your pregnancy keep adding to the bunch.

Idea:Create a file pack/folder of these things and let everyone in the house know where it’s being kept so that any one can locate it when it’s urgently required without wasting time in searching for it all over.It might sound kiddish but even when you think you don’t require it all at the start of 1st trimester get these things in place then itself. Cause this is the time you are more active,thoughtful and comparatively free than you’ll be in your later stages.

#9: Plug in to soothing music:

Like Garbhasanskar,shlokas,some artis of the god’s you believe in. And yes the best would be Gayatri mantra.Trust me it’s a magical one. I was suggested this by a friend and I immediately adopted it in my routine and gals I’m telling you it felt really really better whenever I heard those chants. It’s awesome,soothing and relaxing. You gotta hear it to know what I mean.

Idea: Plug into your earphones while travelling to work,while on walks, while you got to sleep and yeah the moment you get up 🙂 It will not only brighten your mood it will help you relax throughout the day!

#10: Hey mother-to-be,listen to me:

There will be umpteen number of aunties sending in their precious advises,long lost friends also pouring in lot of Internet age gyaan and of course the mother in law and the mother of yours will add their knowledge and experience to it too…what’s more people like me are also basically spreading gyaan only 😉 worry not. Listen to everyone. Cause listening never causes pain in the …anywhere 😉 But just be careful if you’re deciding upon following someone’s advise. Pick only the one which suits you on emotional and other grounds and check with your doctor cause he/she will be the one who will tell you if doing something will suit you physically or not.

Idea: There is a saying in Hindi सुनो सबकी करो मन की ! Which means ‘listen to everyone but follow only what your heart says’ so in addition to your heart listen to what your doctor says 🙂

Pregnancy is the first step towards motherhood. It’s a very important phase of your life.Cherish it. Record it.Live it to the fullest. Stay happy,stay healthy and Stay good! Happy Pregnancy 🙂

14 thoughts on “Passport to a healthy pregnancy

  1. All the best for the entry 🙂 I guess you know it all 🙂

    thanks B 🙂 well not sure about know it all.. apparently there are so many things to this one topic that no one can know it all,it seems 🙂

  2. Wow! I liked your entry more than mine. What an ídea’ madam-ji!
    Good suggestions and nice way to put on a lighter note.. 🙂
    All the best dear.. 🙂

    thanks Sahana 🙂 hahaha I liked that ‘what an idea madam ji 🙂

  3. Good luck for the contest….

    thanks PB 🙂

    Apparently there was a recent study somewhere in the world that showed increased stress prior to pregnancy was more likely to result in the birth of girls! 😛

    oh really? Hmmm…interesting study,ain’t it? 🙂

  4. same as AT.. I wish this was my entry 😀
    I didn’t read your post in the morning ‘coz I was planning to write one too and didn’t want to get hijacked with your post.. Girl now after reading this I feel I have written all crap..
    all the very best for the contest 🙂

    you girls are making me feel so nice 🙂 hehehe…now I win or not who cares 🙂 I’ve won your votes already 😀 And hey your post is so cozy cozy !!! Liked it 🙂

  5. All the very best! 🙂
    totally loved your answers and will bookmark this post for future reference, when needed! 😀

    uhhu uhhhu,you need not book mark the page 😉 I’m there na your 24/7 guide 😉 😉 😀

  6. Wonderful points… I agree on that bit about taking in extra work. People suddenly want to sweep and mop:)

    Thanks Vidya 🙂 Oh and people also almost force you to do it in pregnancy,thank for good wise doctors around !

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