‘Anatomy of disappearance’

Basics of the book
Author  Hisham Matar
The Author  
ISBN 978-0-670-91807-2
Price [INR] 399/-
Pages 246
Main Plot As the name suggests the story is about the act of ‘disappearance’, about the son whose father has just vanished in thin air and the quest to find him and confront some questions in the search journey.
No. of Characters 3 leads
Tone of writing Simple, straight and fast paced.
My take on the book
Do I recommend Umm…Actually not sure but I certainly do not reject the book. I liked it.
Reasons being >A fast paced and straight to the point story-it doesn’t beat around the bush at all.>It travels from past to the present and the crisp description of pain, hurt, love, wanting, belongingness and disappearance is beautiful.

>There is something so intriguing about the whole story that you want to read more of it.

> The story carries a twig of suspense which sits on your head while you’re reading the book.

On the other hand >As I said there is a tint of suspense in the story, your mind constantly wants to reach to the point where in the questions are answered but call it a disappointment [which I felt] the story ends just a few bits away from the ‘the end’ point and the reader is left to extrapolate by himself.

>I would have loved that if the answers were given straight away in the end instead of letting reader imagine what would have happened! It’s like that feeling when you’re close to solving a puzzle where in the end you realize that some pieces are missing in the link and you feel frustrated having come so far and finding nothing in the end!


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