Weight of the past

She held that tiny piece of paper close to her heart not knowing what to do with it,even this time. The paper has been with her since long time now and she could not manage to part with it. But she knew,deep in her heart,that she should depart…not only from that paper but,the feelings,the memories.

Why was it so difficult to stay away from memories? Why was is not possible to erase them like we delete some file from our computers or phones? She wondered…why was life so complicated?

With all these thoughts crossing her mind she kept that tiny paper back in it’s place,in the inside pocket of her purse,where no one could find it. One look in the mirror and she was ready to leave with Keshav,they were going to have a cozy dinner,after a long time.

Radhika kept wondering about the paper every time she opened her purse. She told herself that she had to do this,it was important for her,for Keshav,for their marriage.

She decided to speak to Alok & clear it out. She picked up the phone but on second thoughts did not dial the number. She wandered in her thoughts again.Why was it required to talk to Alok now? He is any way happily busy in his life and doesn’t need to talk to her anymore. He has been practical in his approach and has moved on.Yes.She needs to move on too.

She looked at the silver photo frame that nested their wedding photograph-smiles and happiness was dribbling. It took her no time to take out that chit from her purse and trash it into tiny pieces…

She suddenly started feeling light. All memories of Alok and her relationship from the past vanished. She was only living in present now,with Keshav. She realized all this while she was running away from her today,which is no less beautiful than her past. She felt weightless…lighter…happier and firm! Today she realized that all this while she was unnecessarily carrying so much weight of her past in the form of that tiny chit which said ‘I love you Radhika’

Love sometimes becomes a bounding for us..it becomes difficult to let go when it is most needed. But just one step towards it and we feel like a free bird. Life becomes simpler but human heart loves complications though the mind doesn’t! It’s always between the mind and heart that we get stuck. 


6 thoughts on “Weight of the past

  1. YEah it so happens that I am one of the types like radhika who is sucker for keeping hold on to something which does not mean anything to the anyone else . I can understand the predicament she is in..

    we humans do have this tendence to think too much into What if , What if .. where as we should be thinking more on .. RIGHT WHAT NOW …

    moving on is difficult memories come at various stages for its not easy when you have cared for someone genuinly .. dreams dont come again.. but for o others its easy they never cared for true in the first place.

    Life is indeed simple but we make it complicated by thinking too much or should i say GOOD people make it complicated .. the bad ones have ahd there fun and moved to pastures Greener 🙂

    Nice post brought back some thoughts …

  2. Wonderful story Scribby 🙂
    Those small inspirations make a big difference when faced with the wars that constantly go on between the mind and the heart. Loved the sweet note on it all ended 😀

  3. nice story 🙂
    well said – we get stuck between the mind and the heart…
    I’ve always maintained that love is complicated – its never black & white.
    Love comes with shades of grey that leave your world rocking unless you understand.. and understanding love is another complicated process!! 😀

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