‘Mystic Hut’ is here

Every child is a special one and we want the best of bests for our children…we as parents don’t leave any stone un-turned when it comes to fulfilling our children’s dreams or making their childhood special…so why not make the shopping experience special too?

I came across this website called Mystic Hut.A friend has started it and it has awesome stuff for kids all ages. I must thank my friend for timely starting this business 😉 now that Chirpy is growing up I would require things for her at every stage which are available for me at my finger tips and few clicks!!!

So what’s special about Mystic Hu? No more going to malls,no more thinking hundred times for durability and no issues of trust with the products! 100% satisfaction of spending your hard earned money and 200% happiness on your child’s face..isn’t that all in one awesome idea?

Mystic Hut offers everything for kids from blankets,to bottles,to bags, to pillows to whatever is on your wish list to have for your child.

And the products are so irresistible that you would certainly want to buy them for your friend’s children too. Lovely gift ideas. No worries now of what to gift on b’days or return gifts for your child’s friends…Just click on the link and see for yourself… I had heard it somewhere recently…Dekhne mein kya jata hai? So,come have a look at the store 🙂 🙂 🙂

Glimpses of what is available there…..

Monkey Hugga Pet Pillow
Monkey See Monkey Lunch Bag
Scootin Turtle Snack Container
Blocks Night Light

Cup cake Bank
Mollie Sleeping Bag

and there is more to see 🙂


12 thoughts on “‘Mystic Hut’ is here

  1. you know nowadays kids have so many lovely things and such beautiful dresses and tuys

    I want ot get BORN again in TODAY .. so i can have all this fun with all these things available ..

    when i was child there were nothing .. not even nappies :O he he he he

    hahaha B you’re totally funny 🙂 made me laugh !!! But you know what I agree with you and feel the same for self..what if we were born in today’s times? cool na? 🙂

      1. bahh I meant S-I-P-P-Y cup!! I give up on this dumb laptop and it’s autocorrection of what I write 😥

        lol I didn’t realize it too and wrote the same thing as you 😉 😉 ripple effect..reached across ocean 😛

  2. They do have such a lovely collection and I think you and your friend is conspiring together against me to have a baby 😥

    you know ‘that’ friend of mine,don’t you? 😉 and why not have a baby then? isn’t it fun? 🙂 🙂 I mean making babies and having them,both LOL

  3. Wow! I have been looking for some different gifts for some kids in the family and for kids of the OH’s friends.. Tired of the stuff you find in kids’ stores and at malls.. This website sure has an awesome collection of very different things. Will check it out for sure, the next time I am looking for a kid’s gift!

    Thanks for sharing the link!

    BTW I agree with Bikram. There are SO MANY beautiful things available for kids these days, I want to be a kid too. 🙂

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