Being Online

One of my friend’s brother K asked me today “Didi why don’t you ever come online on FB chat?” and I was like WTH in my mind. I mean not because K asked me this but because this is not the first time this question has been pointed towards me!

I find it funny. I mean if I’m not seen online that very much means that I don’t want to or I don’t have time or whatever! But when someone asks me this it makes me wonder ‘is it so important to be visible on chat lists and forums?’

I do log into gtalk but mostly I’m in invisible mode,yes! And people with whom I really truly want to chat know about this. So,they just ping me to check if I’m there…and the rest of the lot who are on my contacts list need not know if I’m online or not if I want to talk or not!

I’ve my own views about not being publicly online with that green or red mark against my name on chat lists. Cause there are umpteen number of people in my ‘contacts’ with whom I’m not even good friends with so why should they be knowing I’m online,does it really matter to them? And I do this after certain experiences…if people see you online they are sure to ping you,even if there is no work and nothing chat about! And there are people you don’t want to chat with or you don’t know what to chat with them or there are just times when you are connected to the Internet but don’t want to talk to anyone! Is not fair that if I don’t want to talk to anyone/someone I’m not visible?  Or further if I want to dedicate my online time only to certain friend/family member and not get interrupted by others?

No I’m not getting irritated with this all.I’m just trying to reach to the reason behind this whole ‘being online’ issue…why is that people ask this question ‘why don’t you come online ever?’ !!!



10 thoughts on “Being Online

  1. by the way Scribby why are you not coming online these days in gtalk? ***running away to save my life*** 🙂

    hahahaha Ani…run run I’m just after you 😀

    good that you didn’t get irritated if you want to you come online if you don’t want to you don’t come online or you choose to be in invisible mode.. why does this bother others? Ignore those comments I say including mine on the top 😉

    lol I am not going to ignore yours here 😛

  2. ahem! “they just ping me to check if I’m there” Point noted. And on what occasions do you ping others? Let me guess…. ummm… ummm… damn.. how come I don’t remember??!

    this was the message / comment I was asking you the other day,remember?

  3. Yup, it’s nobody’s business to force us to be online. I am almost always in Invisible mode too…..basically to hide from my pouncing brothers 😥

    hahaha pouncing brothers 😛

    Btw I find it quiet funny when people put that Busy red dot near their chat and then go ahead and even put up a status saying Don’t Disturb or Don’t Ping! sigh! makes me realise how “Idle” my life is :mrgreen:

    han na even me finds it funny 🙂 oh please your life isn’t that idle okay? I’ve told you how to get busy 😉

    Ps: Now pray, what can be the reason for you to not pick up the phone eh? 😡 👿

    we have talked over it on FB in detail,haven’t we? 😉

  4. My status always show online…but many of my friends always come online in invisible mode and that’s completely fine because they just wanna chat few of their friends and it’s a personal preference which is completely fine.

    exactly my point V 🙂

  5. You know SCribby for a LONG TIME I had no clue how not be online on FB…I always went online when I logged in and then people would start chatting and it irritated me…now when I figured out how to go offline…I am practically not logging into FB at all hehehe 🙂

    hehehehe 😀

  6. I am just like you – I am online – but invisible – I find it very distracting when people start chatting – esp as I am never at the laptop for more than a few mins at a time. I multitask, and find it quite tough to chat 😦

    that’s exactly the point..I not full time at the comp to respond to all pings…so I find it better to stay invisible and ping others when I want to 🙂

    Anyway, it is up to us, na? Whether we want to be ‘online’ or not? Not anybody else’s business 🙂

    righto 🙂

  7. Ahh few years back I used to be “online” much..but now I have this id where I am online just to chat with my hubby (while he is at work) and my sister 🙂 And FB?? I am hardly online on chat there! But yes I check all ids regularly so if anyone needs me , just drop a line!

    but ain’t managing so many ids a pain ?

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