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The word ‘End-of-yearitis’ is doing rounds on the Internet these days [or so I think and may be the word is here since long]. Though it easily gives away the meaning but I still thought of searching the meaning on my dear google and it suggested me that I go check ‘Urban Dictionary’

Here is what I get to read there:

A sudden depression that looms over you when you realise a whole year has passed.

Often the sufferer remembers oppurtunities they let pass in the year, things they put off and friends they lost in the year.

This gloom is contagious so if you think you know someone who has End-Of-Yearitis don’t get to close or they will remind you of what went wrong for you in the year.

If your not sure if someone is suffering from End-Of-Yearitis this may help

Symptoms of this include: 
-Obvious depression 
-Black Marks under eyes from lack of sleep 
-General Zombie-like state* 
-Lack of New Year cheer 
-Reluctance to give gifts (though they could just be being an asshole)

*Like wandering aimlessly around their place of residence, staring into space and being scary lookin’

Time (about 2 months) is only known cure for this disturbing affliction. Though ice cream and sugar in general is known to help sufferer get through it.

This illness can very easily be confused with Suddenly-Dumped-On-Assitis as the symptoms are very similar.

Mark got End-Of-Yearitis and now he’s taking it out on me, the bastard

I could not stop smiling at the way it has been presented 🙂 And then I thought of checking out few more words but didn’t know exactly which one to look for. But these guys have button ‘random’ on the left corner of the menu bar. So I click that there I’m…getting all random words one after the other…

Read about Swalloize, Obamarection, Obamargy, Alejandro, Nice Guy 😛 and the likes !


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