Dear Chirpy-I’m learning

Hey dearest ! How are you doing between us? For we are enjoying your company to the fullest. I don’t know if sometimes you would be thinking ‘how weird parents have I got!’ OR ‘how buddhu these guys are!’ hehehe I’m sure there would be so many thoughts doing rounds in your tiny head about so many things around you and ironically right now you aren’t able to express even one of them! So,basically I’m taking full advantage of this stage where in you don’t have your say,literally,and I get to rule you 😉 Like if I want to dress you up in blue I’ll,if I think I should be buying orange stuff for you,I’ll! without any arguments,reasoning or opposition, from you of course 😀 Cause going forward I’m dead sure we are going to reason a lot after so many little things that we are going to do for you…cause you’ve a mind of yours and I can see that!

Slowly yet steadily you’ve started teaching me about yourself. I’m learning about you a lot,by each passing month.

Being Firm: There are,thankfully,few things that you don’t like eg: Apple Juice. And no matter how I’ve tried to give it to you,you’ve rejected it every single time! You are firm,not giving up and don’t seem to budge even a little for whatever reasons.You’ve made it clear to me that you can’t be fooled around by adding some honey or salt to change the taste a bit ,you know what I’m trying to do and you refuse to give up!I get a clue of your strong mindedness!

Being a people’s person:You want to be surrounded by people.You are not one of those who can be happy by just lying down surrounded by toys. You want to be attended,played with,spoken to and be with people! You don’t hesitate for a bit to go to strangers or people whom you’ve just seen once. You smile at them instantly and become friends with. But the flip side is you just can’t be by yourself even for 30 seconds which sometimes makes it difficult for us,you know! I get a clue of your personality!

Being Vocal:Though you can’t speak yet you still want to talk so much. You respond to,every thing that I mutter,with a ‘eh’,’huuu’,’aiiii’ and the likes. Sometimes you’ve been found starting the conversation on your own 🙂 It gives me a clue that you’re taking after me,being talkative 😉

Being Angry:There are times when you are in no mood to get your clothes,diaper changed. You just want to play around and be freed from my clutches at that very moment. But then it’s important for you to wear the diaper and dress up,given the season of cold.But you know how you are and when you don’t want to get dressed OR you don’t want to play with certain toy you get very angry and how do you show it to me? Well,you throw things,whatever is in your reach,far to the corner of the room. Sigh,gives me a clue of your anger and aggressiveness!

Who said babies are so cute and they are so easy to handle? I agree babies are cute but they are not only cute,by the way 🙂 They have other things to their personality too and yes I’m talking about a personality of a 8-monther ! I’m learning several facets of your personality and though sometimes it gets on me…I’m still enjoying the fact how my daughter is growing up! Oh and did I just say growing up? As confused a mother could be,at times I want the time to pause and the other times I want this time to fast forward on it’s own!!! Funny isn’t it?

I’ve come to realize that a daughter is the only female, whom a wife can never be jealous of,when the husband loves her[daughter] much more than her [wife]! In fact,I adore your father when I see him care for you,read you bedtime stories and time and again talk about you when you’re asleep. Now a days when he calls up from work,he first checks for you and I feel so happy about it. There is a great pleasure to know that your father is so much involved and interested in your entire being.You must think ‘why am I making it sound like you’re so lucky to have a father like him,ain’t fathers meant to be like this?’ Well,to this I’ll say just one thing Chirpy that I’ve come across few men who think being father is just lending their sperms and their job is done. Later they believe in being only providers for their children,not a parent!

Any way, so apart from these lessons that I’m learning in your class madam Chirpy, there is so much to life. Suddenly,life has become entirely beautiful and I’m looking forward to so much more that is stored in for me. I’ll always be grateful to you for being my daughter,to the almighty to have given me a chance to become a mother. An experience which is so awesome in itself that it can’t be expressed in words.

11 thoughts on “Dear Chirpy-I’m learning

  1. Hmmm always good to read about the little one and how she is progressing. WE learn so much from each other its amzing.. you writing all this and i am learning things here and there from it.

    how true B 🙂 ahem ahem,by the way are you kind of saying that these posts are sort of preparing you for your future role? 😉

    I am sure she will be mighty proud when she reads all this once she grows up.. awwwwwwwww BLess her..

    I do hope so that she reads it,what if she discards it as ‘what crap!’ ? 🙂

  2. Aww… she is growing up!! she doesn’t like apple juice?! hmm.. she needs to spend some time with me!! I love love apple juice! 😉
    and I love your last sentence! 🙂 🙂

    oh I so wish you send some magic touch of yours so that she starts taking in apple juice 🙂

  3. woww you write such nice lovely letters to Chirpy.. she is one luck girl I say.. lovely letter Scribby.. definitely having a baby is an amazing experience.. enjoy this no-argument phase to the fullest.. she is going to come with a big NO soon 🙂

    I know and I’m so scared at time of that ‘NO’ moment but then who am I fooling? am I not waiting for that moment ? 😉

  4. Your letters to Chirpy are the best…No apple juice… How about orange juice???

    oragane juice can’t be given right now…winter season and it’s citric in nature!

    Talkative and firm… She indeed is like you… 🙂

    you bet 🙂

    “a daughter is the only female, whom a wife can never be jealous of,when the husband loves her[daughter] much more than her [wife]!” – Simply loved it…. 🙂

    isn’t it true? well you’ll agree more when you experience it 😉 🙂

  5. Isnt that cute 🙂

    very 🙂

    Errr….R now refuses to eat apple at all..thanks to all the apple crush I gave her as a kiddo

    oh is it? so tell me how do I feed Chirpy? ideas please 🙂

    Its so nice to read about the father daughter bonding..and excuse me..even a one month baby has a personality gah! toh apni C toh bahut smart hai okie?

    heheh yeah yeah every one has a personality,even the unborn inside-the-tummy baby too 😛

  6. What you said is absolutely true Motherhood is awesome experience and it can’t express in words most of the time. She is growing up and this is one sweet letter. I went Aww reading most of it. Isn’t it amazing how they transform them self and start show their traits ..Enjoy your time with little Chirpy..Warm hugs from me..

    hugs right back LiFi 🙂

  7. “When the baby arrives, a mother is born”. There is no end to this learning. But like you said in your last line, the awesomeness of this experience cannot be put in words.

    what a lovely quote!

    Looks like Chirpy is going to be chirpy like you wanted her to be 🙂

    hehehe I hope so 🙂

  8. All babies are so similar and yet so different at the same time. I love reading your posts on Chirpy for they help me understand what all I am about to face with my daughter 😀 😀

    I’m glad 🙂

    It’s a learning phase for mother as well as the baby, precious and wonderful indeed :)Hugs to Chirpy and her wonderful mum 😀 😀

    thank you Myera,hugs to you too 🙂

  9. Awww Scribby, your letters to Chirpy always strike a chord. How much you enjoy and cherish every moment spent being a mother, watching your child grow, is evident through those wonderful words. Keep them coming!

    as long as I can I’ll keep them writing 🙂

    May God bless this lovely adorable family! Tight hugs & kisses to Chirpy darling 🙂

    aww , aww and some more aww for that Deeps 🙂 Hugs right back from C!!!

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