Stuck in my mind….

Some phrases,dialogues,words,stories leave a mark on your being. You’re left with wondering about it for a longer time. These things just stay with you forever. They ring in your ears and you like the sound of it and before you know you start using the phrase/word[s] in your conversations,quiet automatically.

Yesterday I watched this Marathi movie ‘KAS.

The plot is such:

A woman called Aru is going through a case against her of forgery [which is plot against her by an indirect enemy,Neelanjan,a filthy rich guy] He gives her an option to accept and apologize in writing of the fraud. which she refuses to cause it’s against her principles. She decides to fight the case against the man,confident that her husband will be a steady support for her. Which ironically turns out to be wrong. Her husband in fact suggests her to choose the option Neelanjan has offered and finish off the matter,so that nobody’s name will get stained in public and they’ll be free of court case and the entire process. She decides to fight on her own for her self respect and to that her husband threatens her that he’ll divorce her!

Obviously,Aru wins the case and on that note her husband comes back to her saying ‘congratulations,let’s go home’ [how cheap!] She refuses to go with him and tells him that the divorce papers are ready and he is free from her,forever.

In between there is a small role of her college friend,who loves her since then but Aru decides to marry her now husband. While this case is going on he comes across her and on knowing the entire situation that Aru is in at that time,says “Aru,please allow me to protect you!” 

I found it so beautiful. The feelings behind it are well expressed and well versed. One could have directly said: Please marry me or come to me or whatever! But these lines really suited the grim situation where these two meet in.

The entire plot,the dialogues,the expressions and of course the above line has touched me so deep. I loved the movie.Nothing new in the plot,but the way of presentation is lovely and the performances,outstanding!

May be I can never explain,ever,in appropriate words what made me love this line so much. Since I’ve seen this movie I’ve been thinking about this particular line and I know this is going to stay with me…..

Does it not happen to all? Something gets stuck in our minds for no reasons at all or some reason which we can’t put a finger on?


9 thoughts on “Stuck in my mind….

  1. very true.. this happens many times.. I will watch this movie Scribby.. words are so powerful and they make beautiful meaning if right words are said at right time.. I love the art of using the right word though I miserably fail in following it 🙂 🙂

    hehehe 🙂 it’s not you who fails it’s the other person fails to co-relate 😉

  2. Sounds very interesting. Does it come with subtitles? Would love to see.

    I searched for subtitles file for this movie could not locate it…though I guess you might get a DVD there with eng subtitles…

  3. Yup, very true. Certain things that do get stuck, stay on forever 🙂
    I guess to feel about this line the way you do, one has to watch the movie. 🙂

    I think you’re right cause the weight with which it has been said reaches only when you see the entire plot…

  4. Its in Marathi is it…I have heard about it…someone in my office mentioned it and said its good…I should look out for it

    it is it is…see if you can watch it 🙂

  5. Beautiful post. I now would like to watch this movie, although I tend to avoid serious stories.

    let me know your reaction after watching!

    Ultimately it is a question of how one would like to live and lead his or her life. And for every courageous person, there are a thousand who seem to be eager to accept compromises, in the name of being practical. But they create and live in mediocrity.

    absolutely true!

    Those who live by their principles pay a high price, this seems to be the rule. You seem to be having a ‘nurturing’ heart that is wanting to protect such courageous persons. It resonates with me.

    I’m glad it does 🙂

    These stories are inspiring, and assuring that good values still have a place the the hearts of people. Thanks for bringing this story to us.

    the pleasure is all mine 🙂


  6. I guess because it recognizes that a woman is an independent being. Powerful indeed.

    According to me the movie stressed more on the principles and then the woman fighting for it,alone!

  7. Oh yeah I have a library full of such beautiful lines in my head and err some of them actually was said by the husband in moment of weakness 😳 :mrgreen:

    How sad that I have never ever watched a Marathi movie…but I do love this bollywood version of a Marathi song 😉

    ahem @ moment of weakness 😉

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