Annoyed with the multiplexes

Certain things that get my goat at the multiplexes here are [not one in particular but PVR,Satyam,Big Cinemas,Inox..all are same,huh!]

Online booking: If you’re promising us that by booking the tickets online we would be able to skip standing in line at the counter then please see to it that we don’t have to stand in line to collect our online booked tickets! Especially when you are charging Rs. 10-20 under the name of convenience charges!

Of course it is any day convenient to book the tickets online and so far that I remember we haven’t booked the tickets at the counter since ages now. But when I reach the counter to collect my already booked tickets I have to stand in the common line behind the girl who is doing a thesis on show timings,the audi, screen length and sides and the seats,of course! Then there I’m wasting my time,no?

Age Bar:I have come across the notice that pops up before you’re about to enter the ‘book tickets’ area on the site which says ‘This movie is A certified,make sure you’re above 18″ . Okay boss I’m above 18 and I’m following the norms. But when I reach the theater to watch the movie I find so many toddlers who are surely not more than 5 years old accompanying me with their parents!!! How did they qualify to enter?

In violent and adult movies like ‘Aakrosh’, ‘Desi Boyz’, ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Rajneeti’,’Love Sex aur Dhoka’.. and the tpyes how could toddlers be allowed? Where are the rules then ? And if you’re not going to follow any rules then why irritate us on the website by popping age bar window at every stage of booking? I agree that it’s parents’ responsibility first to not decide to bring their children to such movies but if they’re going wrong why you shaking hands with them?

Disturbance:People talking loudly on their mobile phones and that too for time pass and for as long as 10-15 mins! Almost every theater shows a ‘switch off’ you mobile phones ad before the movie is relayed and still people don’t follow it-leave alone keeping their phones on silent they literally pick up the calls and talk as loudly as possible !!! Where is the crew to at least tell these people to take the call outside the hall ?

Imagine a serious scene like ‘Auro on his death bed’ is being played and at that moment a mobile ringer goes on like ‘beedi jailaye jigar se piya’ and the man recieves the call talking things like ‘han main meeting mein hoon jara,ek ghante baad milta hoon, areh koi nahi..woh maal bhijwa do…areh nahi nahi…suno meri baat…’ and the conversation continues till he is satisfied that the person on the other end is convinced! 

Cleanliness: You at the entrance door check us all and scan everyone for any suspecting item and rip people off their gutkha and paan masala and cigarette packs  but then how some people still manage to whisk them off under your nose and get these things inside the theater and use it?

Imagine cigarette’s smoke in the A/C hall? The empty wrappers of Manikchand under your feet or sometimes even on the seat?

Queue:There is a queue system at your snakcs counter. One has to follow the path to reach the counter and to exit it. So when you have put those ribbon barricades that means people have to walk accordingly right? Then why do I have to have a fight with a boy who is standing behind me in the line and is so eager to buy and rush off-as if we  have bought tickets to stand in line at the snacks counter-that before my turn comes in he starts placing his order by simply raising his voice and money in his hands ?

Imagine you are sincerely standing in line and following the queue system and a boy comes from behind you and gets restless of the time taken and literally tries to push you aside so that he can place his order before you,how would you feel ?

All I’m saying is either don’t propagate that you are a high class multiplex and stop charging us that money which we earn with efforts OR follow the rules made by you yourself,every single time,not at your disposal!


@Deeps: While searching for a picture for movie theater I came across this link. So has the theater opened up yet ? Have you been there ?

14 thoughts on “Annoyed with the multiplexes

    1. Online booking really seems like a waste of money… Everytime I end up standing in the queue no matter what…
      Its not just cell phones Scribby even the kiddos who come with their parents create a lot of disturbance… I’am not saying its their fault but the parents should think before bringing them…
      Lets just not talk about the cleanliness thing….!!


  1. This is not fair.. I saw this post early morning, but it said PAge not found .. and now i come after an hour or so and TAN has taken the position 😦 No me first tooo 🙂

    sorry that was because I was still editing the post when by mistake I hit the publish button and then had to take off the post 😦 🙂

    weird.. here we have online booking and when you go there are machines .. put ur ref no and it prints the ticket no line no nothing .. I can understand whats the use of online booking if u still got ot stand in que.. its same as reaching ur turn and asking for the tickets..

    One thing i loved in mumbai and bangalore multiplexes is the Seats the ones on top they slide and almost become a bed 🙂 I loved them 🙂

    hahahah 🙂

    I totally understand what you are saying .. not fair even when they chanrge you for the service it needs ot be reported ..

    point is where to report? The system is run by people who don’t follow the regulations then whom to look for solutions?

  2. I never book online tickets… ! useless ! Better book them on phone… atleast you save the extra charge !

    I’ll try this phone booking next time now 🙂

    bout the kids being allowed… is apalling to see parents bring kids in movies and even arguing with the staff… We Indians manage “Jugaad” every where !!!

    that’s exactly what came to my mind! It doesn’t take much to do wrong

    I saw kids in Delhi Belly and I couldnt believe what sort of parents thoguht they could bring their kids in the Hall !!!! :-/

    I once went to see a cricket match in Inox and I couldnt believe the smell of alchohol in the hall… and I live in gujarat a dry state !!!!

    Rules are vonly meant to be broken in India !

    I once again say this… We deserve all this coz we are like this only !

    okay we are like this but then like you can see everyone commenting here agreed to what I’ve written and I believe that we don’t do break norms [limiting my discussion to theaters right now] so then it irks me to see when me and people like me are following the rules then why should we suffer?

  3. I’m with hitchy here…we never book tickets online. The simple reason being the ‘charges’ levied on already grossly priced tickets.
    If you ask me the multiplex culture has never gone down well with me. You’re charged almost double for your coke and popcorn, frisked like a terrorist at the entrance, and like you said. still treated like you’ve no job being there.
    I still like single screens, without all the ‘glam-sham’ 🙂

    ironically here we are not left with choices when it comes to single screen,old fashioned theaters!

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more! Almost everything happens here too in most of the multiplexes. And definitely the most annoying one is despite paying convenience charges etc you have to stand in queue to collect your tickets. In most of the multiplexes, the auto ticket generating machine just does not work!!!

    yes true..the PVR cinemas have the ticket’s machine which does not work 😦

  5. Here if you book tickets online, there’s a separate counter for people to go to —- one without a line or a very short one. I’ve never booked online though I must add. And I think people talking on their mobile phones during the movie is the WORST thing ever! I remember hating that so much back when I was in India. It used to happen all the time and no action was ever taken.

    here at least PVR Cinemas have installed this ticket collector machine which by the way majority of the times never work 😡

  6. Agree, agree agree agree and agree

    I hate it when little children are allowed into violent movies..and that mobiles ring so loudly..its so so bugging!

    everywhere same story na? !

  7. Totally agree with you Scribby, on every point you’ve raised. I got a taste of the online booking rush when we went to ZNMD a few months back in Delhi. We had actually booked the tkts online to escape the long queue of booking counters, but were made to wait for long just as much when we went to collect our tkts 🙄 …it was so annoying!

    isn’t it foolish,huh!

    And yes, I have wondered too why the guards at the theaters dont stop those parents from entering when they come with infants, toddlers to watch movies like Bodyguard or LSD, which are clearly inappropriate for those little eyes! There has to be stringent curbs well in place in such cineplexes.

    if only they would not think of the profit they’re making cause barring a child means loosing 150 Rs!

    As for the opening of ‘women-only theater in Qatar, I am not aware if it is opened yet or no, Scribby. There have hardly been any promotions or publicity in this regards. But its looks like an innovative idea! Let me check around and let you know :).

    so did you plan with your friends to pay a visit to the women’s theater? 🙂

  8. online booking makes sense only when people can print their tickets at home else it is waste….

    yo’re right but the authenticity [of the ticket holder] cannot be ensured this way!

    about allowing toddlers & underage children in adult movies – sigh…they can and should stop these practices….

    I guess its time for one more petition to such multiplexes/theaters…..

    absolutely right!

    1. oh tickets authenticity is easy….these folks would have to upgrade though…..and they wouldn’t to save money…but this will come in India in coming time(months/years)… Just the matter of time…

      and I got to find a way to start petition…they frisk ppl but they don’t enforce age limit….some work for the idle mind 😀

      Me:hahaha work for the idle mind 🙂 go ahead!

  9. You have spoke my heart in this post….Multiplexes are ripping us of our money in the name of luxury and standard. After experiencing many such incidents like overpricing,excess parking charges on weekends,V and I decided to watch movies only during weekdays…

    madam!!!! where have you been all this while?good to see you around..have to catch up on your blog…

  10. But Inox etc have kiosks where you can get print out of your booked ticket!! Isnt it there in Indore? “the empty wrappers of manikchand”…typical UP/Bihar/MP/Chattisgarh (my home state) problem!! this is one good thing here in such bad habits in movie goers here. The only complain I have here is with the people who buy large buckets of popcorn and they just throw away the remaining popcorn and bucket on the movie theater floor.

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