‘The Angel’s Game’

Basics of the book
Author  Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-297-85555-2
Price [INR] 495/-
Pages 441
Main Plot Mumble jumble of a young author’s puzzled life in Barcelona and after effects of him getting deeper in long buried secret of the abandoned house he is living in.
No. of Characters 1 lead
Tone of writing Intriguing, curious, circular and sits on your head- combined all makes the book un-putdownable. *I read it at a stretch in one night*
My take on the book
Do I recommend Definitely
Reasons being >A trip to the mysterious world of 1902, in Barcelona, certainly arouses anxiety in the reader.>A different plot is created by entwining books with usual emotions like love, hate, betrayal, death.

>It doesn’t get boring, not even on a single page!

>It keeps your brain ticking.

>A story line which throws in clues at you, at regular intervals, but the reader is made to struggle to reach to the end of the maze!

On the other hand >Few questions remain unanswered at the end.

>The detective in the reader keeps ticking to find those particular answers, which the author has left open to imagine!

>In a way it’s good to have open arena to imagine your own thing, but then, you want to know whether you’re thinking in the right direction! This being a mystery plot,one needs some concrete answers and especially if one is finding them on his own,there is this urge to know right or wrong, so there! 

I totally agree with what Titaxy has to say about this book !


9 thoughts on “‘The Angel’s Game’

  1. right tell me how do you get time ot read so many books .. I bought 4 books from india this time an i have not even started them …

    hahahah good question B!

  2. Wow! That sounds like a great read! Checking the lib to see if they have it.

    Yay! It is! Will pick it up tomorrow. You remember the book I mentioned ot you – somehow I haven’t been able to get through it – am too exhausted these days by the evening.. Will complete it and may be post a review.

    please do get this one,I think you’ll like it 🙂 And about the book that you’re reading…take your time but do review it..your reviews mean a lot and helps me decide to pick or leave a book 🙂

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