Sew Sew Ki Baat Hai :)

Remember the typical scene shown in the movies / TV serials where the heroine sews a button on the hero’s shirt while he is still wearing it?

Have you ever tried doing that? I mean literally sewing the button when your man is still wearing it? Is it possible? Is it easy? I always wondered how would it happen…I mean what if the sewing needle pricks the man’s chest or the woman’s fingers? Won’t it be easier to sew the button when the shirt is all in your hands? I wonder…

I found this web page…pretty hilarious..must check 🙂 which talks about lot of such typical Bollywood scenes-that tickles your funny bone 🙂 at least tickles mine 😉


12 thoughts on “Sew Sew Ki Baat Hai :)

  1. Me First!

    Errr…lemme be honest and say that I HAVE DONE THAT…sewed the button WITHOUT hurting him or myself..he had hurt his nail and couldnt do it himself so I turned total bollywoodish and sewed

    will jump to that page 🙂

  2. To be honest I did want to try that but A JUST WOULDN”T let me do it (guess he was scared I might prick him with the needle on purpose 😛 )!
    Lemme see what the link is 🙂

  3. Hahaha….yes i’ve wondered abt that myself…lol! Such a feat I tell you! Will che ck the link…bet it’s full of the typical sui daaga, sharmana,daanto se kantna….ish!:D

    hahaha I liked the way you’ve put it up,prefect 🙂

  4. ha ha that’s ridiculous 🙂
    why does the man have only one shirt? Changing the shirt won’t take as much time as sewing the button..he he he
    if it was me, I’ll offer other shirt..err actually I have already offered other shirt…,even DH would wear other shirt than to wait for sewing…..yeah we are that romantic…. Well I don’t find sewing button while hero is still wearing it any romantic….
    I checked that page and it is funny….those things have happened in all the movies…..
    You know this reminds me of one incident…many years ago, my office drawers were jammed and I was trying to open it…. And there was this colleague of mine, who jumped right in to open the drawer…..I was offended… I later told him that I appreciate his desire to help…but I would’ve asked for help…your gesture however noble it was, has hurt my self esteem 🙂
    you may laugh now 😀

    yes wearing another shirt would save time of both 🙂 lol @ your hurt self esteem 😉

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