You know you’re a mother when….

>you don’t mind getting up early even if you’ve never been a morning person in you life!

>you talk about your daughter to your mother on priority.

>you are ready to learn and bake because your daughter loves apple cake.

>you start asking something from god now when earlier you never knew what to ask from Him.

>you start thanking the almighty for the small mercies which earlier you might have neglected or forgotten to mention.

>your focus shifts and that of your husband’s too and you don’t mind at all.

>you start knowing that you’ve a steady smile-emitting gadget with you,come what may now 🙂

>you can’t get enough of coochie cooing and you don’t stop feeling hungry for kisses and hugs.

>you start getting paranoid about little things concerning your daughter.

>you start compromising and without even realizing that you’re!

>you start letting go and with a broad smile on your face and contentment in your heart.

>you start accepting a not-so-organized routine/ house without frowning.

>your patience level rises,quiet automatically.

>your sleep deprived-smile looks the best.


14 thoughts on “You know you’re a mother when….

  1. sigh I liked the last point the best 🙂 Btw with a cute girl like that you have no reasons to sport a frown on your face 😡

    yes yes with a strict possessive samdhan like you I’ve to mind that i’m not frowning 😛

  2. Hey Scribby,

    Just began reading you. Nicely expressed and you will have lots to add to that list my dear 😀

    You have a nice space here, got to read your archive…. Following you..

    welcome home Seema 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay here 😀

  3. perfect…10 on 10:) I wonder from where do we get so much energy…miracles of Nature…isn’t it???

    Hugs to u…and kisses to the ‘lil one:)

    yes hence it is often called as magical motherhood 🙂 Hugs right back Gayu,I’ll pass on the kisses to Chirpy 🙂


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