Dear Park People

^Dear MIL’s friend,

You are elder to me and I respect that fact. I don’t want to show any kind of misbehavior towards you so please would you stop questioning me on my decision to be SAHM,to fill me in with the other people’s details as to who walks for how much time and who stays in the park for how long everyday and would stop telling my MIL what is good for my baby ? You can be friendly and cordial and can suggest but you can’t be bossy and TELL people to do things or FORCE people to hear your news line!

^Dear 3 aunties on the corner bench,

You come to the park for gossiping,okay. I’ve no issues as long as you’re minding your own business and not judging me by looking staring at me from top to bottom. I know I’ve a big bum and that’s the reason I walk in the park and let me tell you honestly  mine is a little smaller than yours,huh! So if you can park your bums on that bench and while around your time then you’ve no right to give me those looks conveying that ‘being fat is a crime’,alright?

^Dear Park maintenance team,

Can you please please play some good music instead of playing the same cassette of some weird tune of could be Bollywood songs? Half of which we in general don’t even recognize or know that they exist. If there are no cassettes with you mighty please just tune into some radio station and we’re still okay,will you?

^Dear Pink Dress Woman,

You’re my inspiration,thank you very much! You are almost triple my size and that makes me feel better. Don’t get me wrong. I feel better for the reasons that I’m still okay,that you are regular at your walk sessions and that you don’t seem to be fretting about your weight and walk like you’re doing it for fun. I need to take lessons from you,I really do.

^Dear Saree clad woman,

Hats off to you lady,hats off! I’m seeing you since a year [since the time I used to walk in the park in the mornings for reducing,which I failed miserably,then when I used to take those healthy-for-pregnancy walks and now]. I’ve never seen you fat or even plump.You’ve always been the perfect size and in spite of that you are so regular at your walk sessions and you walk with such vigor,you are always in Saree and you always walk for an hour, woof! I feel so good seeing you and I derive energy from your brisk walks though sometimes I feel ashamed of being at the lower side of energy. Sigh, I need to go a long LONG way!

^Dear Chirpy,

Yes you! Why don’t you understand my little lady that you can’t walk right now. You can furniture walk but that’s about it. And in the park there is no furniture for you take support of,okay? Why then you insist on letting you down on the grass? Moreover it’s cold these days and there are lots of big mosquitoes which may bite you honey pot. So! Please listen to me and dadi when we tell you not to get down of the bench or from the circular swing,okay?

^Dear Old couple,

I’m so in love with you guys. While walking I simultaneously keep an eye on you both,sowwy but I can’t resist :D.You must be in your 80s but  the look on your faces is as fresh as lilies 🙂 You guys sit on the same bench everyday and talk like there is no tomorrow. I’ve never seen you wasting even a moment here and there and utilizing all your time talking to each other…how ‘awww’ is that ! When I look at you, I want my future to be like this-me and Husby sitting in the park having all the time to ourselves 🙂 YAY


27 thoughts on “Dear Park People

  1. nostalgic post.. it takes me back to good old memories.. a decade ago when I was regular with my morning walks and the characters I meet every day.. Sighh I am missing them big time..
    Happy walking to you Scribby.. Wishing you to continue this routine as much as you can..

    I really need these wishes considering the amount of weight I’ve to loose *gulps*

  2. BAD Aunties .. BAD .. aisa karte hain .. the ycome for walk or gossip .. hmmmm ok let me tell u its not about u I think they are just jealous of you.. Jsut ignore them …

    U urself have written the women in PINK dress so big so just ignore thse aunties theeek and do what u have tcome to the park for 🙂

    and he he he Chirpy aree soon she will be running in those little feet in front of you and you behind her 🙂

    you’re so sweet B 🙂

  3. I loved the header..makes me so hungry

    that was the purpose 😉 *runs*

    So Chirpy has started cruising eh? She is so adorable 🙂

    oh she wants to run all in the same day it seems 🙂

    and the couple in the 80s..thats so sweet…

    very very 🙂

    and you walk everyday *Falls at feet* despite a 8 month are great Scribby..really great!

    nothing great about it lady! I don’t go to office and have MIL to support,you get me? so now get up and pat your back for getting up at 4 am *now me falls* 😀

  4. How have you been dear? And the little one? 🙂 Why can’t these aunties mind their own business?

    yay dew you’re back!!! I’m doing good how are you?

  5. I like morning walks, but near my house there is no place to walk. I used to walk daily when I was in Pune.

    I’m so not a morning person and I hate to walk for exercise 😦

    And ya there is always good and bad. Take the good ignore the bad 🙂

    righto 🙂

    And about chirpy, you just wait scribby, we will start walking , running, jogging in sometime and then you see 🙂

    I know I know 😦 🙂 hehehehe

  6. Nice…

    I have always been scared of parks since childhood. I had a great fall from the slide and ever since, I shudder at the thought of parks. Whenever we take Mantam to a park, I’ll be restless till we come back 😳

    oh dear 😦

    Great that you are regular to the park re. Yeah, like Bikram said, soon Chirpy will be running around there.

    I’m trying hard to be regular..exercising of any kind irks me 😦

    Awww at the 80 year old couple 😀

    hai na? 🙂

  7. Hey Scribby just ignore such ladies.They have no better work than interfering in others life.Applause to that saree clad aunty..

    oh that saree clad is no way aunty you know..she must be just about my age…if only you don’t consider women pf 30s as aunties 😉

    My god chirpy is so sweet she wants to crawl and feel the grass…why does mumma and dadi dont understand? 🙂

    lol you sound like chirpy’s advocate 😀

    God bless that couple and may they enjoy every bit of their retired life.


  8. Aunties and their gossips 😀 When my MIL is here, she gathers gossip from all the colony and tells me. That’s the only time when I know what is going on in my neighbors life. And that is when my son and their son are stuck together like conjoined twins.

    haha I can imagine 🙂

    The best way to deal with MIL’s friend is to say politely and firmly “But I don’t think so.” or “I don’t subscribe to this view.” with a big smile. She’ll shut up after some attemps 🙂

    that’s precisely my way but I hope I’ll be able to continue being polite 🙂

    Chirpy remid’s me of my duaghter at her age. She wanted to be left on mall floors, dusty parks and crawl all over! I was desparately waiting for her to begin walking!

    you just said what I’m thinking 🙂

  9. LOL!!! u did make me giggle – and come to think of it – even as I go walking – “not so regularly” there are bits of these coming up every now and then – the saree clad woman being so regular and the staring that unnerves me!!! that 80 yr old couple – is ACTUALLYY “aawwww” even to read about them 😛 wonder what they do during their non-park hours 🙂

    welcome here Verbi and I love your name 🙂 hahaah good question..wonder someday I’m going to ask them about their non park hours 😉

  10. Hahaha! there are all kinds of people in the ‘park’,eh?! :D. Had fun reading the post, Nu, esp the bit of instruction to lady C :). So madam is eager to walk, wow! How cute! 🙂

    oh tell me about the n-number of species god has created,sigh!

  11. You find all sorts of people in the park na? And music in the park eh? Suuper! Never heard of that one before.

    yeah this music in the park is new to me too but how nice an idea no? 🙂

    And Chirpy can hold and walk around is it? That would be so cute to watch 😀 But beware of all your artifacts now Girl! 😛

    yeah she does furniture walking now a days 🙂 yes yes now I’m being mentally prepared for the day to come 🙂

  12. Hahaha what a superb description of the people u see at ur park ! Particularly like the old couple !!wow !i spy on such old couples myself arent they such a breath of fresh air ! and mil’s friend…lol true !
    nice post ! 🙂

    yeah breath of fresh air is the right word Dee 🙂

  13. HHahaha…If you are expecting these aunties to mind their business…then u r at fault 😛 they are already doing their business,gossips is Wat their business must be 😉

    actually you are right 😀

  14. Ohh these aunties have a prob with everyone…
    I think they should really play some peppy music… You start walking faster if the songs are such… Even I play some fast numbers while walking to office… 😀
    The old couple is the cutest…. 🙂

    cool that T 🙂

  15. I’m all aww over the “old couple”… it’s so nice 🙂

    hai na? 🙂

    and you walk, that’s nice…keep walking 🙂

    just started AT,let’s hope I continue 🙂

    1. LOL I read the title as Dark people first 😛 Suits a few of them well 😉 😉

      And like other said, luv the header 😀

      there are several headers,which one did you like? 🙂

  16. beautiful header! 😀

    I wanna be like the old couple you have mentioned…

    same pinch 🙂

    I miss my daily morning walks… with the cold cold weather, its difficult to walk for an hour in the mornings.. I take a walk later in the day, but its just not the same! 😀

    Keep walking Scribby! Its the best thing ever!! And Chirpy’s walking already?!! Sigh.. when did time go by so fast?! 😀

    she is furniture walking and now trying all the new ways to walk on her own 😀

  17. Dear Scribby,

    Yes you the lady who walks everyday. I would do exactly the same and keep a special smile for the old couple. Also i would get the sanest maasi chirpy has to come with her special mosquito killing skills and protect puchku

    dear nuttie errr the sanest massi, you’re the besht 😀

  18. Awwww to the 80s couple…and next time you se those bad aunties, put out your tongue at them for me pls 😀

    lol nice idea that 🙂

    Nice observations. i’m bad at these..i go with music plugged into my ears and a generally lost 😀 how i manage not to bump into certain ppl who make a one-way path two-way is a surprise 😀

  19. Such a fun post! Loved reading it! 🙂

    glad you did 🙂

    Awww at the old couple. I would love to be that way some day. 😀

    This post brought back some park memories of my own. 🙂 Should post them sometime!

    waiting for your post then!!

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