Slipping Away…..

तुमको देखा,तो ये ख्याल आया 

When I look at the calendar I think ‘where have the days gone?’ What did I do the entire year’

ज़िन्दगी धुप,तुम घना साया 

And then my eyes rest on that special month of the year and I stop wondering anymore. It’s the month when god decided to send me my angel..the best part of these 365 days that went by!

आज फिर दिल ने एक तमन्ना की, आज फिर हमने दिल को समझाया 

Lot of times I miss being cozy with you,taking those random long drives,acting on my whims and fancies and living life the way I wish! But I realize that today is different,I’m different,you’re different…we have a tiny human being to cater to and her toothless grin chases away my blues in a moment….that’s when I tell myself ‘life does not depend on the amount of time we spend with each other,it depends on how we spend it’….and my heart immediately nods in agreement….

तुम चले जोएगे तो सोचेंगे, हमने क्या खोया क्या पाया 
Just few days to go and I still haven’t tallied the balance sheet of my life. Can’t pinpoint what all I lost but certainly there must be something…..May be when the days blend into another year I’ll sit in solace and ponder? 
हम जिसे गुनगुना नहीं सकते, वक़्त ने ऐसा गीत क्यों गया 
Glancing back I feel there were so many things I wanted to do but then I could not and did not! I wonder why does life even throw in such options which I can’t exercise? Yes,feels bad and I know there is always a following set of 365 days,but does it hurt any less knowing this?

12 thoughts on “Slipping Away…..

  1. wow for the header… luubbb it..
    yes yes there is always another set of 365 days.. that’s how I console myself..he he he
    wishing you and your family a fabulous year ahead Scribby…
    wishing you specially to weave many many many more happy moments with Chirpy in the coming year…

  2. another beauitful post! 🙂
    made me smile… and the song is so lovely! 😀
    yea, I agree with Nuttie too! You, pepper and even my post – fulltu good mood only!! 😉 😀

    yippie 🙂

  3. Today someone asked me what was the best phase of your life till now. I thought and the answer unqestionably is “NOW” 🙂

    live in NOW kya pata kal ho na ho 😛

    Isn’t is the same for you Scribby? Then why even bother about what it could not be?

    you’re right 🙂

  4. Wow Scribby,song n ur thoughts are beautifully blended together…loved it.Every year last week of December reminds me of the 365 days passed by in a moment 😉

    you’re right it is this time of the year when we are reminded of the days gone by 🙂

  5. But look at what you gained and what you have to look forward to. You could have done more, we all could have. But at what price?

    yeah I know 🙂

    You did what was the most important and that little human between the two of you will always be that. 🙂

    exactly comfy 🙂

    And 2012 comes with a special one year birthday so ‘dil ne aaj eak tamanna ke, dil ko aaj tum mat samjhaana’ 😀

    got the message 😀

  6. Such a beautiful post and I loved the way you merged it with a beautiful song!

    thank you deeps 🙂

    This year has given you the most precious gift and the moments spent with her are what you’ll be taking with you to the next year to make many many more special moments. So theres much to look forward to!

    awww ,right you are 🙂

    Heres wishing you three that the coming year will be evn more special and memorable than the previous one 🙂

    wishing you three a wonderful and healthy year too,deeps!

  7. That’s one lovely post 🙂
    Loved the way you have merged your thoughts with that beautiful song!

    thanks GND

    Every year, you do lose some things, and you gain some things. It is ALWAYS better to focus on what you’ve gained. Saying that from experience. 🙂

    truly said 🙂 have a happy and healthy new year ahead 🙂

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