Resolutions? No. Challenges? Yes.

I’ve a bad habit [?] of not doing things if I decide to do them,you know what i mean? So resolutions have been a no-no for me since long.

But this year I’ve set myself a challenge,a target of reading. Last year [sheesh 2011 already a last year?],for obvious reasons,I read only 10 books but this year now that I can read more,or so I think,I’ve set a reading challenge to complete these 21 books.

The idea is two folds:One,is to read more and another is to finish the un-read stock in the library at home. Also,with this challenge I’ve promised myself,and this time I’m really serious :P,that I’ll not buy any books until I at least finish reading [and reviewing] 15 of the said list. Let’s really hope that I stick to the promise,cause with books you never know 😉

Another challenge for self is to reduce weight and a lot of it! I’ve 12 months to go and I think it’s manageable,of course only if I do it.

So,I think I’ve no flashy or philosophical resolutions for the year but achievable challenges that too only two. Fair enough,right?

All I need to do is to keep coming back to this post if I find myself going off track,which I really hope I don’t!

That’s about my plans for 2012 [I did type 2011 and then backspaced it to correct it,sigh! What’s with this writing 2011? I’m kind of missing it,huh,silly me :)] What is/are your plan/s ? Resolutions? Challenges? Absolutely nothing? 🙂


17 thoughts on “Resolutions? No. Challenges? Yes.

  1. Happy New Year! I like your reading list. And I keep writing 2011 while writing the date too. I think we’re all silly and absent minded that way. 🙂

    I too like my reading list 😛 yeah absent minded is the word,I guess 🙂

  2. I will be happy if I read at least 1/4th in this list 🙂

    you’re doing a bigger job than reading 🙂

    my one and only resolution is to loose weeeeiiiigghhhhhttt… 😦

    same pinchie!!! 😦

  3. good luck…
    I’ll keep reminding you of your goal…and then I’ll get banned from your blog 😛

    no way,the idea to put it here was this wonly AT 🙂

  4. I’ll send you a comment/mail every month, just to check on how you’re doing with the resolution 😉
    Happy 2012 🙂

    you are a sweetheart thank you so much,the whole point to write it here was this only so that you all can keep a check on 😀 by the way did you check the other post where I’ve tagged you?

  5. Not to shout at R – the only resolution I have made this year…errr…you have unread boooks in your house…adopt me Scribby Adopt me 🙂

    Oh good luck at that RM and I know you’ll do it,YAY! Oh you’re already adopted muwah..come over any time 🙂

    Wishing you a super duper reading 2012

    thanks for these wishes I’ll need them time and again throughout the year 🙂

    1. “Not to shout”…hmmm…all the best….!!!!!
      I keep on telling this to me everyday…but then…always end up doing the same…

      oh tell me about it..sometimes I’m about to shout at my 9 month young 😦 patience is all I want from the almighty,sigh!

  6. Hey! Wish you a very very happy New Year and a wow resolution! I bet reading will definitely happen with that kind of an amazing list!

    I really hope so RS 🙂

    Saw Shantaram on that list – God! that book is scary! been wanting to pick it up but felt it very heavy duty! Tell me how it was when you finish it 🙂

    I’ve heard so much about it that I feel I must read it despite of it’s BIG size 🙂

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I need to read 7 books from the list all I have read….!!! I need to get back into my old clothes…or else i will have to spend money on new ones…which means I will have to SHOP….and I HATE SHOPPING….
    Now don’t gimme that stare…I don’t like to shop…so it’s better I will exercise and dance…and reduce my weight:P
    Keep smiling…and keep reading…and blogging!!!

    wow read 14 books from the list? 🙂 how are these? get back into your old clothes? *rolls eyes* of what I can see of you you don’t need to make such resolutions,eh? Yes I stared at you…how can you not like shopping? 😀

  8. 21!! I’d be happy if I can read 5 through the year! It’s good to have some unread books at home. When you have some sudden free time, at least you don’t regret not have a book 🙂 BTW, I’ve read 3 from those 21 :p

    that’s exactly my point..I have to keep some unread books cause that’s what keeps me going and I’ve choices to pick from just like a library 🙂

  9. My new year resolution is to wake up early everyday (atleast on working days 😉 ) n to ‘walk’ to the bus stop.. (I usually run.. 😉

    ahhh yes yes me too wants wake up early at least some days!!! I’ve always been a night person!

  10. Book lists are good resolutions:) That is one resolution that I know I can keep – so I never make any such resolutions 🙂 I have no resolutions at all 😦 I would like to eat healthier – but I’m afraid that I never make it beyond a few hours 🙂 Apart from that, no real resolutions, to be honest…

    I think having no resolution is a resolution in itself 😉

  11. And I’ll try and read at least 10 books this year… Lets see…

    Wish you a very happy 2012… 🙂

    good luck on the reading front 🙂 In Mumbai it’s go for it 🙂

  12. Wow! Good luck with your challenges for the year! 🙂

    I haven’t made any resolutions for 2012 as such, but I know in my heart of hearts what needs to be done, and I am going to consciously try doing those things throughout the year. One of the things on that list is ‘Read better books’. I am going to concentrate more on non-fiction, classics and books outside my comfort zone this year. Another thing is ‘Write better’. I am going to try and write about more meaningful stuff, for which I need to follow the third thing on my list ‘Learn more about the world around me’.

    you’ll be checking everything that is on your list,I’m sure 🙂

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