Why mothers bake cakes

I have read and seen pictures about baking super beautiful cakes at home…mothers like Ani,Smithu,Ums and Deeps from the blog world have always inspired me to take that first step but blame it on laziness or whatever I never took that step! Whenever the idea came to my mind I pushed it away by telling myself that I can always buy the cake,then why slog 😉

Cut to present-I’m a mother now and since the day I realized that Chirpy loves apple cake I was adamant that I learnt baking…of course I had to take help and I did…

The outcome ? I was surprised to see this to come out of the oven 🙂

The first cake that I baked!!!

I owe a ‘thank you’ to Smithu for directing me to Ums and special thanks to Ums who helped me throughout with tiny steps to bake this cake and for checking time and again,by email and smses and calls, if it is going right 🙂

Ums thank you so so much lady…the smile on Chirpy’s face was the perfect reward I got for baking 🙂

So today I know why mothers like to bake a cake for their kids 🙂 the labor that goes into making this one cake is rewarded by special brownie points by the kids which are precious than pearls!

Motherhood I tell ya!!!


24 thoughts on “Why mothers bake cakes

  1. Oye lady why did the post of party invite post disappear? My vote is to the pink frock and pink frock wonly…

    that got posted by mistake 😛 shall post it laters though your vote has been taken into account 🙂

  2. That cake looks yum!!!! I want some too! No wonder Chirpy was so happy 🙂

    once you’re here Smithu,I’ll bake for you, of course I might not bake like you but I’ll try 🙂

    ‘So today I know why mothers like to bake a cake for their kids 🙂 the labor that goes into making this one cake is rewarded by special brownie points by the kids which are precious than pearls!’ – That is certainly true 🙂

    hai na? 🙂

  3. Wowww drolliinngggg on the apple cake… Would you please share the recipe here Scribby for the benefit of readers like me?

    oh you need recipe? kidding me? 😉 heheeh I’ll email you sure!

    carfty Scribby, baker Scribby.. what’s happening lady? you seem to take many avatars? 🙂

    here is to bake more and more and more… 🙂

    just making the most of my free time and trying to do something for my baby 🙂

  4. Its sooo gud that Chirpy loves it….isnt it filled with ur love mommy dear ??? 🙂

    filled with my love and with guidance of perima 🙂

    Many hugs…nothing is impossible to a mother – so, its no wonder that u baked this cake…see what all u’ll do for those brownie points from the angel. 🙂

    you’re right…when a mother wants to do something for her kid,nothing is impossible for her 🙂

    I am waiting to see more of the baking spirit in you… 🙂 🙂 All the best.

    oh I’ve totally love baking and I’m looking forward to baking more 🙂 will need some help going forward to make several other flavors cakes 🙂

    1. Just lemme know what flavor you want on any particular day, I’ll source u the easiest and best recipe….hugs. 🙂

      you’re the best Ums..you’re the best 🙂

  5. your previous post disappeared as i was typing the comment 😦 ..

    looks like a awesome yummy cake 🙂 maine bhi khana hai I hope chirpy shares a teeny weeny bit of it …

    now you have the post to make a comment B 🙂 hehehe tainu bhi khana hai? I’ll tell her to share some with her B uncle 🙂

  6. *Falls at feet and asks for blessings* how on earth do you manage all this with a 10 month baby ? *Falls at feet again*

    Errr…can you please parcel some and bring it whenever you plan to come to this side of the world 🙂

    point noted madam 😀

  7. Saw this on fb and forgot to comment. So here- what joy! 🙂 I’ve never had apple cake but I bet it must be yummy..
    the single candle.. I would have expected nine. 😉

    lol the single is because this cake was made on Christmas 🙂

  8. Wow and awwww
    So sweet of them to guide you!

    oh it is it is 🙂

    BTW wifehood is also similar. You don’t mind putting in extra efforts into making something, only to be rewarded by a beautiful, huge smile on your husband’s face. Hai na?

    totally agree with you 🙂

    That said, I would love to try baking a cake for the OH at home, but I have no clue how to go about it! 😦

    ell me if you want the simple recipe that I used

  9. Yayay… That’s excellent for a first timer! I learnt baking the hard way after countless failed attempts 😦

    Here’s to many more successful bakes!

    thank fully managed it in one go,thanks to Ums! 🙂

  10. drooling over the cake..chirpy is lucky to have a mommy who bakes such delicious cake and mommy is lucky to have a daughter who loves what her mother bakes 🙂

    hehehe don’t not know about Chirpy but mommy surely is lucky,touch wood 🙂

  11. Sure would love to 🙂
    Please to share the recipe. And also need to know what are the appliances (apart from oven) that you require. I don’t have much. 😀

    other than oven you need no other appliance 🙂

  12. it looks yummyyyyy….I love cakes…but am afraid of baking one. I want to buy a microwave, but don’t know which is the best. I also need to make some space in the kitchen, before getting one.

    Can you suggest some good brands for microwave????

    I’m using LG and I think we are quiet happy with the product…using since 5 years now 🙂

  13. be it baking or cooking, I think the pleasure comes when you see people eat your effort till the last crumb/morsel and lick their fingers 🙂

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