The famous ‘polka dotted cup’ :)

So! I get the prestigious polka dot cup from the prestigious and awesome blogger IHM !

and this badge for giving a funny answer to the same guessing question 😀

I’m so so happy..this is the first time I win something from IHM….of course it is a moment of pride 🙂 So people join your hands and clap for me 🙂

Lovely start to blogging in year 2012  [which is the 6th year for me] 🙂


15 thoughts on “The famous ‘polka dotted cup’ :)

  1. clap clap clap clap clap…. congratulations Scribby…

    6 years in blogging wowwww…

    hehe couldn’t believe myself too but yeah it’s been 5 complete years and 6th running 🙂

  2. wadhiyaaan balle balle , chakk te fatteee .. I gave two answers and Still did not win .. 😦

    but you won yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    COngrats on the 6 years WOW.. I got a long long way to match that …

    make that 5 B 🙂 6th is running 🙂 hehehe wishing you good luck for the next time 🙂

  3. 6 years of blogging….fantastic…..!!!!! Keep going….!!!!!!
    Congrats for the cup…and it looks so nice:)

    5 yeras Gayu 🙂 thanks 🙂


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