Books speak about their readers

Took this yet again from The girl next door

Rules: Fill in the rest of the sentence,with the title of a book you have read so far that suits here the best :)

In School I was: A girl Like me
People Might be surprised I’m: Sister of my heart

I will never be: Chokher Bali

My Fantasy job is: The doctor’s wife
At the end of a long day I need: Moving On
I Hate It When: Anatomy of disappearance

Wish I Had: Playground
My Family Reunions Are: The binding vine
At A Party You’d Find Me With: The five people you meet in heaven
I’ve Never Been To: Ladies Coupe
A Happy Day Includes:Gently falls the bakula
Motto I Live By: Words can describe

On My Bucket List: Secrets

In My Next Life, I Want To Be: French Lover

This was absolute fun ! Take it up if you want to 🙂


12 thoughts on “Books speak about their readers

  1. I doubt if i would be able to do it … i have not read that many books and mine are more of fiction adventure stuff ..

    no worries,take it up when you feel like 🙂

  2. Too good 😀
    Loved replies to fantasy job and what you want to be in next life 😉 😉
    cool reply to the contents of your bucket list 😀

    fantasy job was like had to choose types cause there was nothing else fitting there 🙂

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