The countdown has begun,YAY!

Just a few days to go and I’ll be meeting my childhood friend,a friend of 25 years ! The idea is to rock the world where all four of us-she,I,Chirpy and her daughter A-are going to have a week’s holiday away from the husbands and fathers 😉

Super excited and looking forward to much awaited trip 🙂



13 thoughts on “Bengaluru!

  1. Wow! Sounds interesting and exciting!
    Have fun, girl! 🙂
    BTW do drop in at our place while you are in Bangalore. That is, if you feel it is OK. 😀 Let me know.

    heheeh I’ve no issues in showing up at your place…let’s catch up offline to see if things can be worked out,yeah ?

  2. Hey, I sent a mail to you. Did you get it. We can plan to meet up. E-mail me. We can have a Blogger’s meet if you can accommodate some time.

    I’ve resent the email…let me know if you get it!

  3. Wow you coming to Bangalore thats great..welcome here dear!!!
    btw can i ask something which city are you put up?

    I guess Seema might organize a meet,you never know we might meet as well 🙂

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