Letting Go

Sometimes it gets difficult to streamline your thoughts.It’s not easy to fight with yourself inside,showing a brave face on the outside. And surprisingly life keeps throwing such situations at me all the time!

I’ve to learn to say things right then & there. Why is it that whenever there is a need to speak the right things that my mind has already thought about,I can’t speak them at that point? And when the moment is gone I realize I had to say this and say that.

My head aches but it doesn’t stop rewinding the incident and every time making me realize I had to say so much and I just let it go,taking it all on me? Loosing the battle? It hurts,but the time has slipped away…and I’m left with consoling myself that there will be a next time and I’ll do good then,which ironically is not true!

Sometimes the hurt reaches you so deep that it stops aching at all. There are corners which start loosing their sharpness and you’re left confused with the unshapely block…to find ways to get out of the never ending circle of thoughts! You don’t even want to blame the person anymore,because of whom you feel all this.

Is this the way you let go? Is it called letting go?


16 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It happened exactly in the same sequence with me, just today 😦
    Thank you for giving words to my thoughts…thank you for making me feel, I’m not the only one caught in my own mind 🙂

    Hugs ME !!

  2. Even I get words only after the fight is all over and I lost….
    Letting go is really hard…you never actually let go of it..You start living with it

    yeah that’s what living with it means it keeps coming back to you 😦

  3. It happen with me too… When something is being discussed, I almost go blank only to realize latter that I had so much to say but obviously its too late by then and then we have no option but to keep it to ourselves…

    right 😦

  4. hugs Scribby…
    take it from someone who can speak what’s on her mind right at that moment…you won’t feel good after speaking out as well…you’ll be left with a horrible, bitter feeling…
    I don’t know about the situation, so can’t be sure..but remove those thoughts…don’t let this incident/person spoil your thoughts/energy anymore…

    take care

    thanks a tonne AT..guess that’s a dilemma..in either case we’re unhappy souls it seems 🙂 I must not let this person ruin my peace of mind,yeah you’re right 🙂

  5. Well with me it depends..if its RD then I go back to the fight, remember what we fought about, then think of the right words to get back and then go back after 10 days to fight to him about it..while he has forgotten what the fight is all about and then agrees to all I have to say ha!

    ditto this side RM 😉 poor Husbys no? 😀

    But on a serious note, you wrote it just perfect!


  6. Hugs! That happens to me too. Most times Im seething and words dont come out and much much later Im cursing myself for not having spoken out. But when I HAVE spoken out – like one in a hundred times – I curse myself thinking I shouldnt have said all the things I did – so I think the first thing is better then – isnt it?

  7. I think it is usually good to avoid confrontations with people. Fights and harsh words take away the peace of mind for a long time. If you can discuss an issue without getting angry, then it’s ok. But if you are angry for some reason, just walk out from that room without saying anything and leave the other person screaming behind you. That works better than stuff that you missed out saying 😉
    I have learnt not to open my mouth when angry. Because you never know what may come out. And then it’s a downward spiral. It’s best to talk after you have cooled off 🙂

    Sorry about sounding like an old grandmother 😀

  8. ohhh God is this the season of getting hurt cos i have been going through this ?!! It feels awful snd confusing as to why people hurt us and so sad thst we cud not defend ourselves at tht point ! 😦 sigh !i know how bad you must be feeling …a warm hug !

  9. its the same with me…I always think afterward that I should have said this and that but then everything is over by then. anyways, I guess I can understand what you mean and frankly, I don’t understand the concept of letting go…how can one ever let go off something which was the reality??? and, yes, its damn confusing to realize what should and shouldn’t be done and most of the times when one is hurt, they are angry at themselves than the inflicter, I guess!!!

  10. Finding the right things to say after a fight – !!! – so happens to me
    Finding an “appropriate” comeback during a fight and saying- Happens to me but i live to regret it
    Finding an “appropriate” comeback during a fight and having the maturity to shut up – makes me feel so good.

    i feel letting go is when something doesn’t matters cornors, unshapely figures nothing remains!

  11. Crossroads of life I would say…..it is very difficult to cope when you are hurt….
    What I do is vent out all the frustrations in a piece of paper…usually what I wanted to say to a particluar person….(sometimes use bad language also)….and then tear that paper off….into small small pieces….(chote chote tukde karke….kutto ko khila deti hun:D)

    It helps me alot…try it out…I am sure will help u.

    sounds perfect 🙂 next time I’m going to do this 😀 thanks 🙂

  12. It happens with me too. I often realise that in a certain situation, I should have said something earlier and not let the other person win. Sometimes, I go back and fight it out (for my own personal satisfaction), and some other times, I let the other person be happy that he/she won. 🙂


  13. you take care scribby.. I know that feeling ..

    been in situations and i keep cursing myself for that decision i made 4 years ago because of my heart and will never forgive myself for where it has lead me .. thats why i say i want to learn using my BRAIN or at least get rid of this heart .. 🙂

    you echo my thoughts B!

    letting go how can one do that.. especially when its the heart .. dont know take care hugs and wishes your way ..

    thanks for these wishes B 🙂

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