Your intimate life

A close friend asked: How frequent do you guys get intimate in a week?

Have you encountered such a private question? What did you do?

How far should a conversation go in a friendship, a friendship which is a good one,a close one?

If it’s okay to talk to a friend about your intimate life,when and how do you decide to cross the line?

I know it’s a personal take and that it depends on the kind of friends and your nature to indulge in such talks etc etc…but I’m asking your opinion,what would you do if you’re asked this by a friend? Has your friend already spoken to you about it ? Do you guys discuss this as you would discuss just any topic ?

I’m curious.Yes,I’m. I want to know what people do with such stuff,this question,this topic,among friends.


28 thoughts on “Your intimate life

  1. Well i do have certain people with whom i discuss my ‘intimate life’ or parts of my life others are not privy to. I know there are no judgements there, no gossip, just a conversation and i am ok with it 🙂

  2. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to share things with friends – good ones or closest ones – only to the extent to which I am comfortable. That’s the line for me. At a later stage, if I feel comfortable, I can discuss the same stuff that I was uncomfortable about, with the same person.

    No friend has asked me this question so far (thankfully!), and I haven’t had to answer! 🙂

    I don’t really mind the questions from well-meaning friends as I mind the questions from the gossip-mongers who have no other work to do. The latter has often asked me questions that were as personal and straightforward as ‘What salary do you draw?’ and ‘When are you planning for a baby?’. It drives me nuts when they ask me such questions without blinking an eye.

  3. hmmmmm….can’t give you a perfect answer. I do discuss personal stuff…only with my best friend…but there is a limit to it. I can’t say where to draw the line…maybe where you are comfortable.

    yeah I think that’s the mantra,but there would be times when you think this is where you must draw a line and your friend doesn’t draw the line at the same place,eh?

    I hope I didn’t confuse you more….but a big bear hug….I can see u are hurt….from ur previous post. read my comment and try to follow that…

    oh that post and this is not related but thanks any way…I’m yet to read your comment on that one…I sure will take your advice:) thanks for being there 🙂 HUGS

    Let me know if it works????

    Take care….and God bless

  4. WHAT.. i would reply “none of your business”.. but if i really have to be bad 🙂 and make them so jealous i would say 2 -3 times a day wooooooooooo hooooooooo

    heheheeh I’m laughing out loud B 😀

    I do think this is personal and as you say only open to WHEN I want to tell or discuss…

    I get that!

  5. I guess it depends on your comfort level. I, for one, am not comfortable with queries of this sort – from anybody, so for me, I quite blunt that I don’t want to discuss all this..And I actually have never been asked something of this sort, so I wouldn’t even know how to handle it 🙂

  6. it depends who asks me and how we reached at such conversation….if its my close friend and we reached this conversation in a reasonable way, I’d answer….like say if my friend wants to know “how a baby changes married life” or “if after a baby, those guys are fighting too much” etc etc…

    but if it’s a blunt question and no explanation provided then my answer would be “I’d prefer some things between me and my husband”
    this might sound rude but I get uncomfortable with personal questions if they aren’t reached or handled properly…
    even a simple question like “where do I live” by a complete stranger would make me uncomfortable…just my nature 🙂

  7. hmm.. depends on the situation and how we arrive at the Q.. if it was after a long discussion in same line then I might answer but to a stranger No.. never.. not at all..

  8. In my office we are a group of four gals of which two are married and their are times when they discuss about their personal life but not coz anyone asks but coz they wish too and obviously its within a limit….

    I guess its a personal choice as to how much to share and with whom… So nothing is right or wrong… 🙂

  9. Well, I haven’t encountered such a question so far even from the closest of friends. And I would never ask anyone this question. I really have no idea how I’ll deal with such a situation.

  10. fish.. i wrote such a long comment and it just got lost somewhere.. i will try to recapture.

    I just think it is very subjective. I never had such group of girl friends where we would discuss about all this. All of us maintained that imaginary line. But I have seen a couple of my office friends interested and also very open about such coversations. Not only they would ask some blunt questions but also comment on people around us.

    For example, recently i was sharing some of my so called honeymoon pics which i found to be sharable with the same group of office friends.. and one of them suddenly asked, ‘ kya sukhe sukhe pic dikha rhai hai.. hume toh censored pics dikha’…. now i did not know how to handle that. I think it also depends on the kind of friendship we share. They are my good friends but limited to workplace only.

    1. and tell me really, who the hell takes censored type of pics ? I mean which couple would really click pics while getting intimate or cozy? silly na?

  11. depends on who asks you…if its a really close friend, I have no issues but anyone else can go to hell but I know some friends who wouldn’t answer because they are too shy!!!

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