Wordy Wednesday-17-‘Real Dorks’

…they blow smoke in your face

…they chew gum on stage

…they think getting away with not paying for something hey’ve bought is cool

…they can’t appreciate anything in anyone

…they believe money is everything

…their favorite phrases are I don’t care and That’s your problem

…they turn the volume in their cars so loud you don’t need a disco

…they smell of terylene plus sweat

…they don’t look you in the eye and talk

…they never say sorry

…they lose control after two drinks-or even without

…their handshake is limp like a banana peel


Wordy Wednesdays are created to break the monotony of Wordless Wednesdays.As the name suggests it would contain lot of words- stuff like funny / sarcastic/ love/ life quotes,b’day / sorry / love you / miss you/ friendship/ general messages, poetry in Hindi & Marathi, facts and figures, etc. 

Please note that whatever gets posted under the tag ‘Wordy Wednesday’ comes from the cuttings  found in my old diary-dating back to 1990s. 

The  exact source of these cuttings are not known to me today-blame the memory :( .But these could be any of the following

-news papers,magazines,cartoon strips,teens today,greeting cards, reader’s digest etc. 

If you recall having read it somewhere please let me know the source so that I’ll update with credits,thank you.

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